Guttermouth – Got It Made

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Californian Guttermouth is known for their outrageous, provoking and explicit lyrics and behavior. If you don’t get the joke in what they do, you might not like them. Though if you’re a fan of humorous punk rock/skate punk from the nineties like NOFX, The Vandals and co. you’ll be excited to hear that singer Mark Adkins reformed the band around him and just released (after 10 years of nothing) the EP Got It Made through Rude Records.

From first song The Point on, you get to enjoy the typical skate punk of the heydays of skating and the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. Nothing of their music changed much really, but hey, I guess that’s the point when you turn to a band like this. And they definitely know what they’re doing, they’ve been around 28 years after all. Short songs with fast guitars and driving bass lines that’ll get you in a (punk sort of) party mood.

Lyrically they didn’t change the recipe either: still going for the humorous, sarcastical and sometimes rude side of the register. Like in Freckles The Pony where they’re singing about giving some girl everything (including a pony named Freckles) and still “she was sucking someone else’s…” I’m sure you can guess what they’re trying to refer too. Or singing about drugs in Got It Made, in which Mark‘s vocals even more remind me of Jello Biafra. In A Punk Rock Tale Of Woe they’re picking on the punk life style and telling punks to grow the fuck up and get a life. And if you thought they couldn’t top things, they end with Old Man. Which is basically a letter from a dad to his son telling him he’s an idiot, has an imbred wife, deformed kids and that he’s going to make his life miserable from the nursing home they put him in.

Don’t expect anything new from this EP. But if you were a fan of that nineties skate punk movement, you’ll definitely enjoy this throwback! Guttermouth is back and with Got It Made, here to stay humorously provoking! 7,5/10 for the 12 minutes of fun and games. If you wanna check out their songs before ordering it physically or digitally, listen to the playlist down below…

Release Date: July 15th, 2016
Label: Rude Records
1. The Point
2. Freckles The Pony
3. I’ve Got It Made
4. A Punk Rock Tale Of Woe
5. Shitty Situation
6. Old Man