Hacktivist – Over Throne (EP)

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In 2016 the British band Hacktivist released their debut album Outside The Box. Who has never heard of them, they are bringing a quite good mix of hip hop/metal with djenty influences, or as they call themselves grime-metal. You will love it or hate it, no doubt about that. At the end of 2016 they surprised us with the release of the EP Over-Throne, which can be seen as a nice add-on for the die hard fans.

Over-Throne consists of four tracks. The first one is the title track and is a brand new one, it sounds like what we are used to from Hacktivist. The raw hip-hop vocals from Ben and J mix very well with the heavy djenty guitar riffs from Timfy. In the second half of the song Timfy is showing off his vocal capabilities. This sounds very promising for the future of Hacktivist.

The next song is an acoustic version of Taken. As long as they don’t do this with all their songs, we can tolerate it. Not that it’s bad, it will maybe opening doors to fans who found their heavy sound a bit too much. The third song is  Timfyjames remix of Buszy. In the nineties there were a lot of bands who did remixes, as a bonus track or as a B-side. The same can be said for this, it’s nicely done but we would have preferred another new song. The last track is a cover of Cypress Hill, namely  (Rock) Superstar . This track could also be found on the Worship and Tributes album of Rocksound. They made some covers before, like Niggas In Paris , and Hacktivist is very good in doing this.

This EP is a nice extra for the die hard fans of Hacktivist, those who don’t know them yet can check the new song out and the cover tho hear what they are capable of. The EP is only downloadable, the new song can be heard via youtube, those who will visit Graspop Metal Meeting 2017, go see them as they have a very good live reputation.

Release date: December 9th, 2016
1. Over-Throne
2. Taken (Acoustic)
3. Buszy (Timfyjames Remix)
4. (Rock) Superstar