Jungle Rot – Jungle Rot

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U.S. death metal veterans Jungle Rot has kept their custom rule of releasing a new studio album every 2 to 3 years. The self-titled album paves the way for their tenth output in their long discography, and this is to say that Jungle Rot are credited for having a quality of solidarity and consistency. I first became acquainted with the band back in 2004 and to me they are one of the best contemporary death metal bands. So what makes this record different from the previous album? As a matter of fact there is a lot to assimilate into the new nine tracks, and distinctly the self-titled album resumes the intensity of Order Shall Prevail with the same passion, yet the band seems to have pushed further into new heights. The massive opening Send forth Oblivion follows into the aggressive manner of the guitar riffs, and mid pacing death metal the main riff itself is enough to get you hooked.

Since Terror Regime Jungle Rot has established their own style of brutality. The gap between each release has enabled them to shape their sound more effectively this time, and confidently I can say that this album aptly hits the mark. Delusional Denial is provided with outstanding groove by the guitar signatures of Dave Matrise, the elements of thrash, hardcore and death metal are infused coherently.

A Burning Cinder is the most aggressive and truculent track induced with captivating guitar riffs that will make you headbang continuously this is certainly one of the highlight tracks on the album. Basically Jungle Rot doesn’t offer anything new on their latest record but the band has put so much effort in formulating the new tracks with a dose of powerful and ultimate aggression. And in spite of incorporating the mid tempo grooves and the thrash influences the final outcome of this record has a very modernized sound.

But what makes this record so enjoyable is the technical level of the instruments, for example the guitar work, the breakdowns, and the thick bass sound are very audible and bassist James Genenz does a great job in creating unison with the guitars. Fearmonger features Schmier from Destruction as guest vocals, the fierce growls and shrieks of Dave Matrise bursts out with energy. The band continues to extract the groove elements of Obituary and the thrashing guitar style of Slayer. The tracks are limited around three to four minutes at the max, the shredding riffs and fast solos are installed with proficiency.

Stay Dead leans to the groovier style and Jungle Rot has managed to raise the effect of brutality with each track. Glory for the Fallen is a ferocious track installed with stomping grooves. There are some awesome solos that add a fine flavour to this track. The drums are performed by Jesse Beahler who appeared previously on Terror Regime, and this is another factor why this record is so attentive and intense in every aspect. The density of the guitar riffs are varied increasing with vehemence with each track. Pumped Full of Lead and Twisted mind are both empathic, the chunky death metal riffs have strong impulses, infused with crushing grooves and fast solos. The new studio record sounds massive and stands as their best in their discography. The album includes a bonus cover from KreatorTerrible Certainty”. Jungle Rot might have found a new effective and systematic way of forming their style, and with this album they sound like a mean machine, and this machine has only one objective: to kill and to destroy!

Release Date : July 20th, 2018
Label : Victory Records
Track listing :
1.Send Forth Oblivion
2.Delusional Denial
3.A Burning Cinder
6.Stay Dead
7.Glory for the Fallen
8.Pumped Full of Lead
9.Twisted Mind
10.Terrible Certainty


  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality8/10
8In spite of incorporating the mid tempo grooves and the thrash influences the final outcome of this record has a very modernized sound.