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Over the last few years, Germany has been releasing tons of new albums. And it seems black metal has become one of the most preferable genres to the Germans beside thrash metal. I hereby introduce you to yet another black metal outfit from Allgaü, Bavaria. Mavorim is a solo band helmed by the multi-musician P., who has recently released his second outing titled Axis Mundi. Is a prolonged sophomore released via Purity through Fire. The repertoire includes 13 tracks of solid black metal/ambient music solely dedicated to the fans of raw and melodic black metal. Sole member P. who has previously released a single demo and a number of EP’s and split album. Expands in his musical capabilities and returns with a thematic record full of rich atmosphere. The diverse material incorporates many tracks which are based on ambient synth and melodies.

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Therefore this multifaceted band presents the grim style of black metal in a middle-aged fashion, Aus Asche auferstanden is a showcase of P. musical talent. And begins with raw guitar riffs and dynamic drum beats, the use of the synth in some songs as the main instrument is matched to the usage of other instruments. Mavorim adapts with different tempos and the music is combined into mid-tempo to the aggressive style of 90’s black metal. Axis Mundi contains many catchy songs and the ability to change the pace on each track makes the album so enjoyable. Wo kriegergleiche kräfte walten brings the ambient synth and the guitar rhythm into one fine integration. Despite the repetition mastermind, P. has come up with many ideas for the new album.

The song arrangements are based on catchy rhythm guitar and they really sound catchy. In a simplistic approach, the diversity of the songs are based on melodies and lead guitars. While nothing here is really complex Mavorim music centers on the second wave of black metal. The songs are saturated with tremolos and fevered emotions coursing through gloomy melodies. All backed by grim vocals and dense guitar riffs, Wie ein strum features catchy tremolo and fast-paced drums. Almost dynamic and intensively captivating P. prefers the constant pace of the blast beats. The dynamic contents are combining soaring lead guitars that create dramatic soundscapes. 

While the aggression is mainly restrained by the ejection of the grim melodies. Die Letzte Festung merges the slower pace of the drums with the poignancy of the lead guitar. The grim vocals on each track become more effective though the drums provide plenty of blasts beats the lead guitar is splendidly executed. Although the instruments are being handled professionally P. achieved a perfect balance.

Der Himmel bricht entzwei is a beautiful mixture of melodic black metal played in a mid-paced and faster-paced manner. The guitar sections often contain vivid melodies, tremolos, and leads which gives a multi description to the song. The focus on clean vocals and dungeon synth provide a medieval atmosphere to the music in general. The album leans towards the modern style of the second wave of black metal. Compared to the previous tracks Verbannt in Dunkelheit suddenly shifts into a faster-paced.

Led by raw guitar riffing and grim vocals the mix of the icy chords midway through the track gives it a raw black metal feel. The following track Königsjäger becomes more violent and picks up with rapid blast beats. On this track, the guitar sounds sharp as the riffing becomes intense while the drums provide a thick backdrop. The melodies on this track evoke the folk styled melodies the juxtaposition of the clean vocals and raw black metal riffing adds value to the song.

Album title track veers into the raw aspects of the second wave of black metal, with the guitars setting the grooves. One thing about this album is that the melodies are very catchy and the main focus is on the guitar instead of relying on synth. Axis Mundi is a comfortable record to listen to there is clearly something unique about the newest album. The sophomore album also contains a repetitive track Wie ein Strum that features vocalist Revenant from the German black metal band Sarkrista.

Even the contribution of the session vocalist hasn’t really changed my impression on this beautiful track. Finally, this is a highly melodic and catchy album if you like bands such as Sargeist, Sarkrista and Drowning the Light then I recommend you to check out this album by Mavorim.

Release Date: January 31st, 2020
Label: Purity Through Fire
Track list:

  1. Weltenberg
  2. Aus Asche auferstanden
  3. Wo kriegergleiche kräfte walten
  4. Wie ein Sturm
  5. Die Letzte Festung
  6. Die Ufer von Thule
  7. Der Himmel bricht entzwei
  8. Verbannt in Dunkelheit
  9. Königsjäger
  10. Axis Mundi
  11. Hyperborea
  12. Wie ein Sturm (feat. Revenant)
  13. Kaiserjägerlied (Minewerfer cover)


  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production7/10
  • Artwork7/10
  • Originality7/10
7.4Mavorim's music centers on the second wave of black metal. The songs are saturated with tremolos and fevered emotions coursing through grim melodies.
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