Putrevore – Miasmal Monstrosity

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International death metal band Putrevore is finally back with a new album “Miasmal Monstrosity” out via Xtreem Music on October 5th. Formed in 2007 by guitarist/bassist Rogga Johansson (Down Among the Dead Men, Revolting, Ribspreader, Paganizer, etc…) and vocalist Dave Rotten (Avulsed, and Christ Denied), since the inauguration, Putrevore has garnered influences from the U.S. and Swedish old-school brutal death metal. Their past albums such as “Macabre Kingdom” and “Tentacles of Horror” were deeply ingrained in the N.Y. institutional idioms. While their style presents the brutal sound of modern death metal the band presents itself as the disciples of Rottrevore

The album doesn’t waste any time with the intro preferring to launch a fierce and putrid attack on the opening song “Those Who Dwell Beyond”. The unity between Dave Rotten and Rogga Johansson shows a strong partnership that has become solid over time. The collaboration of the session drummer Brynjar Helgetun who has been handling the drumming duties for the previous releases as well, solidifies the band’s sonic subversion. One of the major aspects regarding the songs, is that the band displays firm technical efficiency, despite the ripping blast beats they bring a great deal of diversity. Dave Rotten’s growls sound deep and guttural, while the guitar department is professionally handled by Rogga Johansson, delivering plenty of groove sections. The guitars are bolstered by thick chunky riffs. Unlike most of the brutal death metal acts who overstuff their songs with blast beats, Putrevore draws your attention to something more varied. The following track “Vortex Devourer” proves how the band carved its niche with the buzzing reverberation that evokes the Swedish death metal style, although the riffing has a different methodology than the traditional Swedish death metal bands.

Putrevore made some minor adjustments on the newest album, the drumming pace mostly engages in the mid-tempo and they’re followed by fat audible baselines. The incredible sound production this time is clearer than their predecessors and overall enhances the aural aspect of the instruments. The fine technique of transitioning between fast, slow tempos often brings some lethal guitar hooks. Technically proficient, and blast beats still take a massive part on the album, Putrevore offers a brutal slab of death metal whereas the guitars imbue the songs with rotten quality the vocals spew sickening putridity on “Terrible End of the Conjurer”. Which is one of the slowest tracks, where the slow pacing of the drums is remarkably focused. Riffs are concocted from the old school Swedish relics like old Grave, whereas the riffs spew pestilence into the foul air.

Admittedly, the mid-tempo is littered with infectious riffs, laden rhythm and the plodding tempo of the drums cleave its way through the heavy guitars. The groove sections resemble the style of the nineties death metal and when these components are combined the band creates dense and visceral musicianship. There is plenty of space for the guitars to fill in the tempo with slow catchy hooks focused to offer plenty of memorable moments. “Clad in Skin and Rot” is a powerful slab of mid-tempo grooves where the guitars provide an abundance of sledgehammer riffs. The double bass is extremely utilized in a number of tracks, Putrevore displays their sonic fundamentals in a highly skilled matter.

The Fleshmen Awaits” submerges the listener into claustrophobic blast beats, the track overflows with bleak melodies that will appeal on so many levels. Inducing brutal death metal chugs the guitar arrangements are superb. Putrevore seems obsessed with the aesthetic of the down-tuned guitars in one moment the drums tug towards double bass then swerve into a fast-paced tempo. “With Tentacles Adorned” is full of deep guttural pitches and a concrete slab of destructive blast beats. “Miasmal Monstrosity” is brutal to the core the band takes an impressive step in showing their expertise on how to play a unique and professional style of death metal. The album title track is among the fastest ones where the drums offer crushing blast beats and the thumping bass guitar sounds immensely powerful.  

Putrevore’s “Miasmal Monstrosity” is relentlessly brutal and holds true to the band’s musical nature in presenting a putrid and odious fundamental quality of brutal death metal. This is highly recommended for fans of Rottrevore, Grave, and Undergang

Release Date: October 5th, 2021
Label: Xtreem Music

  1. Those Who Dwell Beyond
  2. Vortex Devourer
  3. Terrible End of the Conjurer
  4. Clad in Skin and Rot
  5. Bloodlust of the Sleepers
  6. Miasmal Monstrosity
  7. The Fleshmen Awaits
  8. With Tentacles Adorned
  9. Consume All Flesh


  • Music9/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics8/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality8/10
8.2“Miasmal Monstrosity” is brutal to the core the band takes an impressive step in showing their expertise on how to play a unique and professional style of death metal.
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