Pyreficativm – संसार का पथ

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On August 11th Pyreficativm, a Chilean black metalband, released their debut album संसार-का-पथ through living temple records. Since they were founded in 2009 by Melek R.N. and only released 2 demo’s prior to their album so this means they put a lot of work in making संसार-का-पथ.

There are a lot of differences between their first releases and the new album. The second demo they released, called Phosphorvs contains songs composed of raw black metal while still containing a part for atmospheric components in the album. Now संसार-का-पथ (which, according to google translate, means world-path) is a completely different approach to black metal. I must admit it’s one of the most intriguing and elaborate albums I’ve ever heard. It’s black metal stripped of its ornamental components leaving a ceremonial record filled with supernatural energy and ritualism.

Everything about this album feels deliberately constructed to take the listener on a spiritual journey.  संसार-का-पथ starts of with Ancient Sands (The Foundation In Tiphareth). A Buddhist-like intro making you feel like you are in between snow-covered maintain tops starting a spiritual journey. Further on in the album there are a few instrumental songs giving the album more of a spiritual twist. Songs like Passing Through The Eyes Ov Kharma (Oneiric Ekpyrosis Arcane Veil) and Emanations From The Drakonian Vessel are not technical or elaborate but I feel like they really complete the album.

The traces of the raw black metal Pyreficativm use’s in their demo’s hasn’t completely disappeared. In The Ascension Of Promethean Fire we get a glimpse of the dark raw side the band contains.

To end the review I see no better way then to use Melek’s statement about this album:

“I raise front of the great mysteries greater, spirits of the life and death. On this sacred night of blood together to you oneiric veil, the key to the eternal dream of the Dragon I invoke you…”


Release date: August 11th, 2018
Label: Living Temple Records
1. Ancient Sands (The Foundation In Tiphareth)
2. The Mysterious Dreams Ov The Midnight
3. Om Namah Shivaya
4. Passing Through The Eyes Ov Kharma (Oneiric Ekpyrosis Arcane Veil)
5. The Ascension Of Promethean Fire
6. The Stellar Mantras Ov Shakti (Ram Io The Sacred Unification)
7. Emanations From The Drakonian Vessel
8. संसार का पथ
9. Trascendental Conjuration Ov Nvth


  • music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • production8/10
  • artwork9/10
  • originality9/10
8.6Pyreficativm gives us a spiritual journey with their album संसार का पथ. Setting us on a journey unlike no other you've ever heard. With their atmospheric, spiritual and ritual black metal they take you to the great beyond and even beyond.