News Posts

A new Luciferian entity has arisen from the murky Finnish waters under the form of Bythos! Check it out!

Danish death doom outfit Konvent unleashes a first single from the upcoming debut album upon the world!

Promising Portuguese death metal beasts Okkultist reveal the details of their upcoming debut album!

Italian melodic death metal band released another new video!

The Sabbathian set the release date for their highly anticipated debut album!

Brand new Finnish rock band Afire releases a first single of their upcoming debut album!

Season Of Mist chose yet another interesting artist in a different genre than their usual staple with The Sacrifice!

Gaahls Wyrd partners up with Season of Mist for the release of their upcoming debut album and will be touring Europe next year!

Rockshots Records signs another promising melodic death metal band with Manam!

Check out the details of the upcoming debut of Praise The Plague here right now!

Album Reviews

Pyreficativm sets us on a journey unlike no other you’ve ever heard. With their atmospheric, spiritual and ritual black metal they take you to the great beyond and even beyond.

Siege of Power demonstrates an interesting cast from these musicians as they deliver a number of hits on their debut album “Warning Blast”

Baest are insanely brutal, raw and incredibly captivating on their debut album Danse Macabre!

Carnation’s debut album is a great release despite of the minor flaws in the album, Chapel of Abhorrence pays a very good tribute to old school death metal.

Some of Montreal’s finest underground musicians came together to make one badass band! This is the first product of Vantablack Warship’s work.

This is one hell of a debut album. It has the classic power metal vibes: fast solo’s solid riffs and great, strong vocals by lead singer David Marquez.

Without any doubt one of the freshest winds in heavy metal I’ve heard since long…

Russia’s finest folk metal revives its debut album with a re-recording!

Sumerlands’ debut ticks all the boxes.

The past is near.