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Ohio-based death metal act Sanguisugabogg is back with the sophomore release “Homicidal Ecstasy” out via Century Media on February 3rd, 2023. Only two years after delivering their first full-length album “Tortured Whole” the quartet evolved as a cohesive unit. The 12 tracks reek of aural filth and gore-infested vocals and despite what critics may think of the band for sounding mediocre or generic the songs prove otherwise but don’t let the album cover fool you.

Sanguisugabogg continues with the style of their first album proving that they could blend gore and death metal into a sickening guttural blender, and for the most part, the lyrics are extremely gore obsessed. The thick rumbling of the bass guitar in the opening track “Black Market Vasectomy” shows the inhuman proclivity for gore and brutality, but what we get is a musically blood-soaked riff violently slamming into groove-laden tempos. The first thing that will strike me is that the quartet has managed to write the songs in a refined manner. From the grimy guitar chugging and slamming riffs the barbaric growls of Devin Swank spew utter filth.

The biggest change comes in the drum snares of Cody Davidson which tend to be varied in making use of the double bass kicks. “Face Ripped Off” delivers heavy grinding sections as you can immerse yourself in the down-tuned guitars and churning bass, while guitarists Ced Davis and Drew Arnold maintain a sense of cohesion. The slower moments are rife, and they are truly the strength of the band, however, the guitars have a knack for pulling some sludge riffs on “Pissed” which seemingly comes from the gutter filth dripping in a nauseating atmosphere. The drums are organic, relentless, and full of bludgeoning and bone-smashing brutality, the low growls always coincide with the grinding double bass. Despite the songs being straightforward, memorable, and extremely heavy “Testicular Rot” remarkably fit the gory gist of classic death metal and grindcore.

Homicidal Ecstasy” is extremely bolstered by the brutal chugging and ultra-distorted bass guitar. The brutal bursts of rupture force of the crushing drums on “Hungry for Your Insides” is a micro track of one and a half minute and revolve more around chugging riffs and slower tempos, but it somehow reminds me of the band Mortician. Although the sophomore has one undeniable aspect of being heavy, vile, and overwhelmingly brutal at sounding memorable the grind influence is prevalent through songs like “Skin Cushion” and “A Lesson in Savagery”. “Narcissistic Incisions” is one of the nastiest songs, you can hear the drums quickly kick in with a fast snare and then shifts to blasting sections. The incorporation of multi-guttural growls proves that all the preconceptions about the band are rather foolish, and the sick death metal freaks will find the sophomore bordering between brutal cavemen riffs, and grooves.

The blasting sections are sporadic and that’s where the role of the drummer comes in utilizing brutal fills, Sanguisugabogg‘s aesthetics this time come close to the lines of grindcore bands, but the primary influence comes from death metal. “Mortal Admonishment” then showcases a nasty fusion of hardcore and death metal. “Proclamation of the Frail” throws in some nasty blast beats, the guitars, and the bass forms a massive wall of sound, and it seems like the guitars have a technical standpoint and mid-tempo contains some crude guitar riffing. The drums on the album knock you out, but the slow crushing beats on “Necrosexual Deviant” see the Ohio quartet depicting its sickening art of extreme barbarity and the semi-hyper blasting moments of the drums alternating between the slow dirge abruptly shifting into up-tempo.

Every moment on “Homicidal Ecstasy” the drums never stop bludgeoning. And probably the best part of the album is that Sanguisugabogg makes use of the dynamics, where the guitars seem to combine a barbaric mixture of slamming riffs. The slower rhythm of the guitars oozes a nauseous heavy guitar tone, which makes the songs sound more on the extreme side. However, Sanguisugabogg combines low-tuned pummeling grooves, all this encased in a filthy, disgusting, and vile death grind consistency of hammering drums. “Feening for Bloodshed” ruptures and manifest the oozing low-end riffs that show off the slower, monotonous approach, the vocals remain guttural and utterly brutal.


  • Music / Songwriting 8/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 8/10
  • Mix / Production 10/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 8/10

Sanguisugabogg may have somehow missed the mark on the first album however, “Homicidal Ecstasy” cultivated a repugnant amalgamation that definitely feels inspired, offering sick ingredients of cavemen riffs and brutal mid-tempo death metal.

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