Saturday’s Heroes – Pineroad

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The Swedish punk rock band Saturday’s Heroes consists of Alex Lachan (vocals, guitar), Marcus Svensson (guitar), Daniel Wiggander (bass) and Mikael Lachan (drums, percussion). I got their latest album ‘Pineroad’ and its release dates from 2017.

Saturday’s Heroes are back with their third album Pineroad. Sing along friendly & melodical punkrock that is strongly rooted in the American songwriting tradition and with a huge amount of Swedish melodically heritage.
The band have added more aggressiveness & are more “straight to the point” then on their previously albums at the same time as the band adds tones of rock ‘n’ roll and screaming guitars. – Lövely Records

‘Pineroad’ has a simple album cover with a raven or crow with two heads, which I think the one head represents what you see and the other head represents what is going on inside the bird. On the back you can find the tracklist with a black feather below. When I took a look inside, I noticed that there’s no booklet. Only a band picture with some thanks and the recording info. The black feather returns on the CD and there’s also a download card for those who like to have a digital version. Always nice for people who like to listen to music from their iPod.
These guys are very young but since they’re wearing band shirts from Ramones and Bad Religion on the photo, I think they have a great taste in music and that made me pretty curious about their own work.

‘Pineroad’ knows a danceable and fun start. ‘Celebrate Nothing’ starts with al the band members singing together and bursts into a real party. The title summarizes nicely what the song is about: to be yourself, don’t bother about what other people think and just enjoy and celebrate life.With this song Saturday’s Heroes makes their statement for the entire album.

Alex his clean voice sounds rather nonchalant and not always steady. It fits perfectly into the idea that they bring music where you put aside all your worries and can completely break free. Occasionally you also hear grunts. ‘Pineroad’ is indeed a sing along friendly album, which Saturday’s Heroes proves with songs like ‘Declaration Of Youth’, ‘The Shame’ and ‘The Storm’.

‘Pineroad’ is musically a varied album. In general, all songs are quite short so it does not get boring quickly. ‘My Fight’ and ‘Declaration of Youth’ start calmer than the other songs. Saturday’s Heroes also surprises us with a harmonica in ‘When We Fight’ and ‘Long Live The King’, which gives me a Far West feeling. That last one is a very calm song with an acoustic guitar and Alex his voice sounds so beautiful and pure.

I believe this album is great for young people who are in their transition to maturity. In addition to the carefree, ‘Pineroad’ also tells the problems young people are facing. Because the band members are young and they can translate all that they experience so well into their music, both vocally and musically, it’s an album that appeals to young people. I believe Saturday’s Heroes‘ music will grow along with them and I’m very curious about what they will bring in the future.

Release date: September 22nd, 2017
Label: Lövely Records
1. Celebrate Nothing
2. Rebel
3. Lizzie
4. My Fight
5. Declaration Of Youth
6. Pineroad
7. The Shame
8. Back For You
9. Demons
10. The Storm
11. When We Fight
12. Long Live The King


  • Music7/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals6/10
  • Production/Mix7/10
  • Artwork/Packaging9/10
  • Originality6/10
7'Pineroad' is an album where you can stop thinking and you can completely relax.
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