Sedimentum – Suppuration Morphogénésiaque

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Québécois death metal formation Sedimentum has unleashed its first studio album 'Suppuration Morphogénésiaque' via Me Saco Un Ojo and Memento Mori. Putrefied in its own signature style of guttural growls the music is molded in the atmosphere of monstrousness and repulsion. Formed in 2018 by guitarist/vocalist Alexis Élément, U.N. (guitars), the lineup also includes M.L. (bass, vocals, and drums), and Alexandre Landry (bass). Sedimentum writes songs in the similar ilk of bands like Undergang, Disma, Funebrarum and Tomb Mold where the guitar work absolutely provides a cavernous depth.

Sedimentum immediately gained momentum in the underground scene with their two demo outputs and split albums. The new album is perfectly enclosed in a doomy veil: while there are plenty of blast beats, the lead guitars and growls are the integral element to the song architecture. At times the atmosphere is laden with lurking menace. Sedimentum dilutes the brutality of death metal with their organic performance. There are subtle qualities of doom metal infused into the 7 songs, bolstered by a dynamic approach to drum transitions. The album embodies sustained blasting sections, yet often morphs toward death doom and constantly lays emphasis on creating dark moods. Across the length which spans just under 40 minutes, the guitars hold your ears and provide some sinister thrills.

The album’s opener ‘Krypto Chronique II’ put a greater emphasis on the crushing drums and crashing cymbals boosted by the guttural cavernous growls while the guitars constantly churning an ultimate maelstrom of gigantic riffs. The songwriting is actually the highlight of the album. Sedimentum’s craftsmanship delivers remarkable performance:  A song like ‘Excrétions Basaltiques’ ejects pure malevolence. The frantic pace of the drums flawlessly measures the evil-sounding riffs. Bludgeoning drums beats explode into whirling swirls and in the midst of this chaos the solos follow in.

Suppuration Morphogénésiaque’ is molded in a mass of chunky cavernous death metal that captures the old school brutality. Mammoth-like riffs fortify the spectrum of this gnarly cacophony of fetid atmosphere. Meanwhile, the album’s title track meanders into a slowing doom-paced tempo while the guitars paint eldritch visions. Ancient death metal riffs creep out from moldy pits of sewage. A bloated mass of rotten filth becomes awash with the heavy impact of the blasting drums. Sedimentum on its first studio album brings forth an unspeakable putrid style of vicious death metal with songs that are absolutely brutal to the bone!

Each track has a towering guitar work evoking a multiverse of death metal forms, with eldritch dirges and Ill-omened growls resounding from the ancient crypts. Sedimentum tread beyond the spectrum creating a visceral sound that would yield them great stature in the underground genre. Thin-like gossamer the bass guitar is perfectly layered with the hammering drums “Suppuration Morphogénésiaque” morph into the grotesque attributes of the 90’s death metal it’s an album that is crafted in the rotten classical style.

Funestes Manifestations’ gushes forth unearthly horror. The drums are much faster and dynamically brutal than on the previous track. Clocking in at 5 minutes the guitars infuse chunky riffs into the dense atmosphere. The tremolos are combined to create an intensely brutal section, though the album’s general sound is at times fast and chaotic.

Sedimentum inflicts a formidable technique that is quite unique in its brutal scale. With the guitars tuned low and layered to cavernous depths, the bass guitar maintains its thickness. ‘Nécromasse’ is full of chunky riffs and drums accentuated by slow patterns. The vocals utilize lower growls. Fast-paced tremolo sections sequence with persistent blast beats. This track offers some gloomy guitar segments that ooze dark, tenebrous melodies. ‘Suppuration Morphogénésiaque’ takes many elements of death/doom metal, but the overall sound leans towards the twisted architecture of death metal. The atmosphere of the album is old, moldy even. The morbidity a  tracks like ‘Supplice’ pervades a dark rhythm that is almost depressing and dismal.

The pacing of the drums can sometimes be slow and lethargic. While the faster tempos are often brutal, the slower moments expose the talent of this Québécois quartet. The guitar maneuvers lethargic doom tempos to illuminate the rhythm/lead guitars until the explosive drums bludgeon you relentlessly. Dragging the listener into gloomy soundscapes, the production of the album is of great success. The final track “Un Grotesque Panorama” delivers an organic performance.


  • Music / Songwriting 10/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 10/10
  • Mix / Production 10/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 10/10
  • Originality 10/10

‘Suppuration Morphogénésiaque’ is a masterwork of rotten old-school death metal, soaked in sickening filth. This is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year and comes highly recommended.

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