Hyperdontia – Hideous Entity

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The long-awaited sophomore release of the International collaborated death metal act Hyperdontia finds the quartet delivering crunchy slab of rotten tunes of death metal. Among the newer bands, Hyperdontia was formed by skilled caliber such as bassist Malik (Diabolizer, ex-Burial Invocation, ex-Necrowretch), drummer Tuna (Sulphurous, ex-Phrenelith), guitarist Mustafa (Decaying Purity, Diabolizer, Engulfed), and vocalist/guitarist Mathias (Sulphurous, Taphos), carefully molded their craft and built a sound of their own. The follow-up album “Hideous Entity” from these veterans extends the boundaries by embedding new elements with precise levels of speed. While much effort has been utilized in terms of the song structures, pacing, and intensity, Hyperdontia’s stylistic methods drastically evolved within a short period of time. In fact, the band relies on solid craftsmanship and talent that correlate the basis of the Danish and Turkish death metal sound hence making them unmatched amongst the modern extreme bands. 

The most complex trademark is the organic and straightforward blasting streams which are one of the strengths of their musicianship. And the utilization of technicality proves that the band has a knack for writing poly-rhythmic textures. On the other hand, the grooves and the swift tempo changes spice up the songs and the guitar offers a platter of pungent riffs. The opening track “Snakes of Innards” transcends, the striking climax of the vocals are guttural, and the guitar riffs have a top-notch quality in them. From the brutal bludgeoning of the drums to the dense heaviness, Hyperdontia showcase a wide range of tempos in a way that increases the tonality of the razor-sharp riffs. Over the course of thirty-nine minutes, the tempos are frequently changing the twisted architecture of songwriting will leave you in endless paradox.

Adding to all the brutality and drum fills, the riffing of guitarists Mustafa and Mathias is tied and exemplary. “Trapped in the Void” offers fast riffing throughout the grinding sections. Although the songs are mainly fixated at mid-pace, there are some slow tempos full of deathly atmosphere and sharp guitar solos. Oftentimes the fretting bass-line of Malik follows to blend with the chugging guitars. The most intriguing part of “Hideous Entity” is the great skills and technical abilities utilized for creating such a beast of an album. The groping tone of the tremolo-picked riffs, solos, and riffing complexity are boldly oriented. “Beast Within” shows outstanding songwriting skills and contains swelling riffs and bludgeoning drum attacks. 

Coils of Wrath” sets off into the murky depths of cavernous death metal. The growls evolve into something murky and the fretting patterns of the bass guitar are the highlight of this song. Throughout the album, track after track Hyperdontia steeps into the dense atmosphere while the guitars build up layers of riffs. “Grinding Teeth” reeks of rancid stench, and the crushing double bass infuses the rapid tremolo riffing while the drumming pace engages the grinding tone.

Vocalist Mathias emits bellows, grunts, and monstrous growls, with colossal blast beats and double bass bursting out from the cavernous depths in the background. “Hideous Entity” offers a powerful scale, and Hyperdontia has improved its technical grip on the instrumentation. The songs are varied but at the same time the primary influences of doom elements are less focused on the sophomore. But unlike “Nexus of Teeth”, the new album is overly brutal and organic in addition to the sound quality, the mixing is neither too loud nor muddy. “Lacerated and Bursting” is an absolutely fast-paced brutal slab of rotten death metal madness, the guitars are laden with boisterous tremolo-picked riffs. In spite of the mid-tempo pace, the drumming incorporates a straight blasting section followed by shredding solos. The insistent drum blows add an incredible amount of intensity to the frantic riffing and the breakdowns are accompanied by thick grooves. The sophomore doesn’t rely on creating atmosphere, instead Hyperdontia offers a slew of gargantuan riffs. 

Wretched Mockery of Creation” lunches into a full scale of rapid blast beats, and the album closure “Impervious Evil” manifest full force of volatility with the guitars providing eerie soundscapes. Hyperdontia enhances the quality and the atmosphere of its slower passages with catchy bass guitar lines that seem to focus on the old-school technique. The juxtaposition of the fast riffing is boasted by the oppressive blast beats. While unfortunately “Hideous Entity” didn’t grab me like the debut album, the band proves to reinvent its formula, and turned into a highly appreciated release from the international quartet for me.

Release Date: November 11th, 2021
Label: Dark Descent Records (CD), Me Saco Un Ojo Records (Vinyl)

  1. Snakes of Innards
  2. Trapped in the Void
  3. Beast Within
  4. Coils of Wrath
  5. Grinding Teeth
  6. Lacerated and Burning
  7. Wrecthed Mockery of Creation
  8. Impervious Veil


  • Music9/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics8/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality8/10
8.4“Hideous Entity” offers a powerful scale Hyperdontia has improved its technical grip on the instrumentation the songs are varied but at the same time the primary influences of doom elements are less focused on the sophomore.
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