Verikalpa – Taistelutahto

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The story of the Finnish folk/troll metal band Verikalpa started in 2006. After many years of polishing their musical atmosphere and concept they bring their debut album ‘Taistelutahto’, yet they are no strangers in their home country. For example they already shared the stage with Primordial in Helsinki. What makes this band’s music unique is that the lyrics are in the dialect of Oulu, the hometown of these men. Their songs are tales about drinking, hangovers, trolls and blood-spattered eternal battles. The album cover summarizes these themes nicely. Verikalpa consists of Jani Ikonen (vocals), Sami Knuutinen (bass), Jussi Sauvola (keys), Jussi Heikkilä (guitars), Janne Niva (guitars) and Aleksi Heiskanen (drums). ‘Taistelutahto’ will be available as a CD and as a digital download.

‘Taistelutahto’ starts on the right foot with a folky march, which turns into a real party through the entire album. With a lively and rhythmic accordion you can really dance on this music with of course a lot of beer. Ikonen‘s grunts and screams are intelligible, I can’t understand Finnish but I’m sure Finns will understand what he’s singing. Because he’s only grunting and screaming I find the vocals somewhat monotonous, while musical there’s lot of variation. There are lots of parts where you can headbang on or throw yourself into a moshpit, whichever one you prefer

Verikalpa managed to create the right atmosphere in their music to make sure everyone understands what their songs are about. They also wrote their songs in a way that they form a beautiful piece together. That’s what makes ‘Taistelutahto’ a nice album to listen to, even if you don’t understand a word they are singing.

I think this is the first band that waited so long to hit the studios, which you can see as a form of perfectionism. I think Verikalpa made a good choice by taking the time they needed to create a full album instead of creating an EP with a few songs in the meantime. This album fully meets my expectations of folk metal and makes me impatient to see Verikalpa live.

Release date: February 16th, 2018
Label: Inverse Records
1. Viimiseen asti
2. Tyrmä
3. Neidonryöstäjä
4. Kuoppajaiset
5. Pahan Laulu
6. Verijuhula
7. Taistelutahto
8. Viinapiru
9. Kuoleman Suo
10. Rautatammi 


  • Music10/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals9/10
  • Production/Mix10/10
  • Artwork/Packaging8/10
  • Originality9/10
9.2With 'Taistelutahto' Verikalpa throws a real folk metal party where you can dance on, alternately with headbanging and moshpitting.