When Plagues Collide – An Unbiblical Paradigm

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When Plagues Collide is a symphonic deathcore band from Belgium formed in 2016. They already released an EP in 2017 called 'Shrine Of Hatred' and one year later their first full album 'Tutor Of The Dying'. An album which was a strong piece of work. Especially, for their first big release. We had to wait 5 years for their second release but hey these guys survived the covid pandemic and proudly present 'An Unbiblical Paradigm'.

‘Converted Into Cipher’ starts off with a symphonic intro to blast off with a high quality form of devastating and brutal deathcore. The vocals go from low death growls to high-pitched screams and even some pig squeals. Brutality and some breakdowns included. What a rush! ‘Death In Progress’ has some grindcore influences, but I think this has something to do with the guest appearance: Sven De Caluwé from the death metal/grindcore band Aborted. The symphonic elements you hear in the background lifts this to a higher level. But the brutality doesn’t stop here. ‘God Complex’, the third song of this album, stands out with a magnificent solo with an even greater breakdown in the end. No rest for the wicked with ‘The Glutton’, which is a true breakdown fest with some very heavy and brutal breakdowns with a big shout-out to the insane drum work.

‘Monopoly Of Violence’ is an even greater masterpiece with the technical skills, the breakdowns, and the pig squeals all combined in one song. But it doesn’t stop here. We are not done yet. ‘The Grand Mouth Of Hell’ offers some black metal influences, but yet again with some very slow and brutal breakdown pieces. Don’t forget the symphonic melodies that guide us towards this journey. It’s sad because we’re almost near the end, but we’re not there yet. Cause here is ‘Devourer Of Memories’ that gives a last brutal slap in the face with fast pacing drum work, brutal riffs followed by breakdowns and again the vocal work is not of this world. We end this album with a spoken word song. Spoken in Dutch and also the title of this song is in Dutch. ‘In Alle Stilte’ roughly translated “In All Silence”. Spoken words guided by only a piano. This has become their trademark. They tried this already on their first album with a song called ‘Als Imperatieve Grootmacht.’ The only problem with it was the position in the tracklist. It stood in the middle of the album and almost every time you would skip it. But now it is the ending of a heavy, brutal trip, and you can sit back and relax when the last notes of ‘In Alle Stilte’ fade away.

This is the second album of When Plagues Collide and it’s a true masterpiece. I am already looking forward to seeing them performing these songs live. There are a bunch of new bands that are coming and When Plagues Collide is a part of this new landscape that is coming. See you soon guys.


  • Music / Songwriting 10/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 10/10
  • Mix / Production 9/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 9/10

The new deathcore alliance is born, and their leader is When Plagues Collide. They return with a second album that is both devastating and brutal with some excellent drum work, insane vocal work and brutal riffs, breakdowns included.

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