AUSTIN MEADE released music video for “Deja Vu”

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Austin Meade, who sprung up from the Red Dirt music scene, has dropped the video for his new single “Déjà vu.” Watch it HERE or below.

Meade shares:

“Every day feels the same when sitting stillFalling in line and being told what to do gets boring — as soon as I realize what’s happening. There’s usually a few peaceful moments on co-pilot mode before freaking out and changing the routine. I thought I might escape that by traveling and playing music. But it turns out that you do the same routine, just in new places. Whether it’s Sunday afternoon getting prepared for the work week, Sunday afternoon getting ready for school, Sunday afternoon enjoying your church luncheon, or Sunday afternoon hungover on a 12-hour van ride…it all feels the same after a while.”

The song lives on Meade‘s Snakefarm Records‘ debut Black Sheep, which arrives on March 19, 2021. The album is available for pre-order here.

“Dopamine Drop”
“Cave In”
Happier Alone
“Déjà vu”
“I Don’t Feel A Thing”
“Hurt You To Hear This”
“Something New”
“Settle Down”
“Good Side”
“Lying To Myself”
“Black Sheep”

Austin Meade online:


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