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Torchia releases death reeking music video and announces European tour

Torchia brings you a cool video before leaving on their European tour!

Euge Valovirta – Easy Does it

One of this generation's guitar virtuosi, Euge Valovirta, releases his first ever solo album for you to get your rock on!

Red Fang share video for “Listen To The Sirens” (Tubeway Army cover)

The crazy rockers of Red Fang bring their own rendition of a cult classic!

Purest of Pain – Solipsis

The pet project of Delain's guitarist Merel Bechtold, Purest of Pain, finally releases its debut full-length!

Oceanhoarse vocalist Tommy Tuovinen forced to leave the band due to hearing loss

Sad news for one of the up-and-coming bands in the Finnish metal scene!

The Exploding Eyes Orchestra set release date for new Svart album and reveal first track

The Exploding Eyes Orchestra is releasing one last album soon via Svart Records!

Atreyu announce new album “In Our Wake”, out October 12 and release two new songs

Atreyu is releasing their next album in a couple of months but offering already 2 singles in advance!

Rotting Christ about to release the book ‘Non Serviam: The Story Of Rotting Christ’

In some months you'll get to read the story of Rotting Christ while you try to stay warm inside...

Ghost’s “Dance Macabre” gets Carpenter Brut remix

The popular synthwave artist Carpenter Brut put his hands on one of the more popular track of Ghost's latest album!

Preview Blowup vol. 4

An underground festival filled with doom, sludge, stoner and the likes in a musically hazy and dark weekend...