Mors Subita returns with the new masterpiece ‘Regenerate’

Mors Subita from Finland returns with a new masterpiece that is now out worldwide via Out Of Line Music. Significant riffs, thundering drums, and crushing bass lines shape their identity. Regenerate is out now!​

Mika Lammassaari about the music:

Regenerate is the balancing force to the very agressive sound of the upcoming album. It is a bit mellower tune with atmospheric elements
and melodies. It bows towards our musical roots but puts a little twist in it of course. From my point of view it is
the perfect middle tempo song to which you can still bang your head and do the beard windmill and also drown in the nice melodies in between.

Eemeli Bodde comments the lyrical theme:

“Regenerate is a song that tells its own story of growth. Man is like a tree that grows its roots underground and rises towards the sky.
If you want something badly enough those roots can, and will, eventually go through anything and you can guide others from the treetop.
Eventually we will all reach the same height.” 

Stream the new Mors Subita song “Regeneratehere!

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