One of the highlights for our team in Finland in 2023, was when we got invited to attend the premiere screening of the movie ‘Comeback’, with a red carpet filled with a “whose who” of Finnish celebrities and of course the whole cast!

Comeback is a heartfelt movie about a fictional metal band ”No Love Lost ” which reigned supreme in the Finnish music scene, and after retirement has sent the members into different pathways in their lives, but who are trying to reconnect again.

Horror, gore and metal fans, rejoice! ‘Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon’ is officially going into production early next year after reaching the goal of their Kickstarter campaign! If you still want to support this project that is promising to be of epic proportions, it’s not too late yet since it’s still running for another day and a half, so get to it!

Artificial Brain’s self-titled album demonstrates an eye-raising dexterity in combining everything from jazz to technical/progressive rock simultaneously. Out on Profound Lore.