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MESHUGGAH enter “Sweetspot Studios” for new record & announce return of Fredrik Thordendal

Meshuggah announces both the return to studio and return of Fredrik Thordendal to lead guitars for the upcoming new album!

SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE premiered video for “Mångata” featuring Idan Amsalem from Orphaned Land

Israeli progressive metal outfit Subterranean Masquerade released a brand new single with an animated music video!

Saudi Arabian prog rockers SONGS OF PETRICHOR debut single “Nomad” out now!

Saudi Arabian Songs Of Petrichor release the single 'Nomad' from their upcoming self-titled album coming later this year!

Kardashev’s ‘The Baring of Shadows’ digital & vinyl re-issue (with instrumental bonus tracks!) now available

Kardashev releases a brand new video for 'Snow-Sleep' to announce that the re-issue of 'The Baring of Shadows' is available for pre-order!

The Lion’s Daughter release brand new track of forthcoming album ‘Skin Show’

The Lion's Daughter unleash yet another scathing track from their upcoming album 'Skin Show'! Check it out!

SOILWORK support campaign “Music Improves Brain Health!”

Soilwork announces their support for the Finnish "Music Improves Brain Health" campaign! We don't have to be convinced anymore that we all need music in our lives!

Progressive metal band BENTHOS explore kaleidoscopic imagination with new “Cartesio” music video & single

Experimental/progressive outfit Benthos released a brand new single 'Cartesio', from their upcoming album 'II'!

Norwegian folk rockers GÅTE release new single “Kjærleik” and announce new EP “Til Nord”

The Norwegian folk rockers GÅTE show how much they've changed with the first single of their upcoming EP!

New Jess and The Ancient Ones single ‘Love Zombi’ out!

Occult rock outfit Jess and The Ancient Ones reveal another single from their upcoming new album with 'Love Zombi'!

Hundred Headless Horsemen releases the first single from their upcoming debut ‘Apokalepsia’

Finnish psychedelic death metal outfit Hundred Headless Horsemen unleash the first single of their upcoming debut!