Chris Maragoth released new single & video ‘Fading Away’


The most iconic thing about Chris Maragoth’s music has to be the emotions and the visuals within the music. Having heard his previous EP Tales, I expect no less of his new single that was released on November 18, called ‘Fading Memories’. The EP had only three songs, but had me hooked from the first second to the last. ‘Fading Memories’ already comes with a beautiful art cover. It’s an image that perfectly fits the song title. You see a white cover with, in very light pink, a tree with a bench beside it. If you squint your eyes, you can even see the texture of the grass in front of it. 

The song itself fades in with a beautiful clean electric guitar. It strums a few chords before the drums come in and the vocals start to speak. Soon, it’s clear that there was a relationship that once was great, but is now over. You want to hold on to those memories, the good ones. But they sadly are fading away. The verses are supported by calm, clean electric guitar chords, and the choruses are given more power by slow strumming distorted guitars. After the second chorus, the instruments get their moment to tell their story. The song picks up pace and there’s a nice calm electric guitar that takes the lead, on top of a distorted guitar that’s faster than before. All of a sudden, everything stops.

In a second it’s back again with one more chorus to hang on to. Until it actually fades away. 

After several other projects, Chris Maragoth was founded in February 2017 to pursue his own musical endeavors. Being a guitarist primarily, Chris writes, arranges and records instrumental and vocal parts on his own. Occasionally Chris collaborates with other musicians, but mostly friends and former band mates. The mostly melancholic and dark musical style is a fluent transition between several genres of rock and metal music, but can be mostly described as modern rock and melodic metal. In summer 2021 Chris achieved the third rank in the Museboat Musies Summer Award of the international web-radio Museboat Live with his Single “Behind This Door”.

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