Dutch metallic hardcore group Swim or Drown unveiled ‘Trapped’ 7″ and music video


Dutch metal-fueled hardcore quintet Swim or Drown returns with a new 7″, Trapped, out since 13 December 2023 via WTF Records on vinyl and digital formats.

Trapped features two of the heaviest hardcore tracks Swim or Drown ever produced to date. The title track tells the story of frontman Jan‘s struggle with his inner demons, a theme that was previously explored in the title track of Torment, the band’s last EP. The cover art for Trapped depicts a skull behind bars with chains around its mouth, representing the story. The other track, “Human Scum,” expresses the band’s frustration and anger towards humans for greedily destroying nature, animals, and other human beings.

The tracks were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sander Oldersma at 3181 Recording Studio.

Stream/Download ‘Trapped‘ on your preferred media AT THIS LOCATION.

ORDER Trapped (on vinyl) RIGHT HERE.

Emerged in 2008, Heerenveen-based Swim or Drown conjures pure metallic hardcore adrenaline. The Dutch quintet has brought absolute hell for 15 years with the same lineup, which they would like to continue the same way. They have already stored a couple of EPs full of abrasive, high-energy tracks in their arsenal and played plenty of shows, including sharing the stage with Poison Idea, Biohazard, Merauder, Sinister, and Stillbirth.

Jan de Groot – Vocals
Roy Sloothaak – Guitars
Hylke Wijnstra – Guitars
Rienk Jonkman – Bass
Jack de Leeuw – Drums

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