Be Prog! My Friend 2018

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Beside the popular bigger festivals throughout Europe there are some smaller festivals that are worth visiting them. Be Prog! My Friend is one of the latter. A small festival that focuses on the more progressive side of the metal scene, which is held in Poble Espanyol in Barcelona, only a 15 minute walk of  the subway, although it went up and on such a hot day it was quite thirsty trip.

Overall Day 1 Day 2

Before giving our opinion about the bands, I will give a small impression of the festival. The location is excellent, romantic, cozy and there’s a lot of shadow (although not for the bands, they had to play in the sun). The food was good, there were a lot of options from a few food trucks, and the restaurants that are normally there already at the place provided also some little snacks and drinks. The organisation was good although some little points of improvement could been taken into account. If it is the first time you come to visit you have to search a bit for the location. Some small signs could be useful, although there’s a lot to do in Barcelona and for practical reasons it could not be that easy. For example, outside the subway there was a gay parade happening, so we had to get through that first to get to the festival. A second thing was that they served 33 cl beers but it was put in 25cl cups which were filled to the top. Hey we are Belgians and want a foam collar on our beer, so use 33 cl cups please.