Graspop Metal Meeting 2023 – Day 2 (16/06/2023)

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Graspop Metal Meeting, or GMM for short, is the first festival of the summer for many of us. As always, I was looking forward to being back at the holy grounds this year. While I was working at the festival, I checked out as many bands as possible. Let me take you along on GMM 2023! 


Thundermother was the first band of the day for me. They opened with ‘Loud and Free’ and like that, the only all female band at Graspop started an almost hour show full of Rock ‘n roll madness. Guitarist Filippa Nässil jumped off the stage and went to continue playing close to the crowd. An energetic and powerful performance, closed off with one of their hits, ‘Driving in Style’.


Loud and Free
Try With Love
Into the Mud
I Don’t Know Your
Shoot to Kill
Watch Out
Driving in Style


Airbourne has one of the most high energy performances of all the bands that played the festival. If you’re at their show, you won’t stand still. Crowd surfers and mosh pits will pop up everywhere you look. Lead singer and guitarist Joel O’Keeffe was throwing beer and whiskey into the crowd. He used to do a part where he smashed a beer can against his head, but that couldn’t be healthy to do that at every show. So now he just drinks it and throws it. Amazing old school Rock ’n roll music to just forget everything and rock out to. 


Ready to Rock
Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
Back in the Game
Girls in the Game
Burnout the Nitro
Breakin’ Outta Hell
Live it Up
Runnin’ Wild

Amon Amarth

As I was working with Inter, an organization that makes festivals and events accessible for people with a disability, I was on the raised wheelchair platform for this one. Since I’m usually at the front, it was the first time I noticed how massive Amon Amarth‘s stage and props are. Drummer Nico Kaukinen was sitting in a huge viking head, and on the side was a massive dragon head as well as a huge viking that was resting his arms on a sword that pointed to the floor. Top that off with flames and damn, it was an amazing view.


Gardians of Asgaard
Raven’s Flight
The Great Heathen Army
Death in Fire
Deceiver of the Gods
Put Your Back Into the Oar
The Way of Vikings
First Kill
Shield Wall
Raise Your Horns
Twilight of the Thunder God


Disturbed always delivers a strong performance. The music is solid and clean. Alternative metal and hard rock straight from the heart. Also, straight from the heart was the message lead singer David Draiman told us about depression. During the show, he asked the crowd to raise their hand if they had struggled with depression or if they knew somebody who did. Almost everybody raised their hand, and then David said the most important sentence on the whole festival. ‘’You are not alone’’. And we are not, seeing all the hands in the air. David said he almost joined Chester Bennington, who took his own life. It was close, but he realized he was also not alone and wanted to spread that message to the world. What followed was a beautiful version of The Sound of Silence.


Hey You
Ten Thousand Fists
Are You Ready
Bad Man
A Reason to Fight
Land of Confusion (Genesis cover)
The Game
The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
The Light
Down With the Sickness

This day was a rather emotional day. Hearing the message from Disturbed, but also a very energetic day. I was really looking forward to seeing Parkway Drive, who was playing the next day. So stay tuned for day 3 and find out what the front row experience was like!

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