To Us Below @ Inkcarceration – 10/09/2021

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Most people go to festival to see bigger bands, I drove 12 hours straight to see To Us Below (*****) perform at their first festival known as Inkcarceration. Based in Los Angeles, California To Us Below has been together for approximately 5 years. They’ve got a unique look for a metal band but that’s one of the things that make them memorable. Members of this band consist of Jonathan Reyes (vocals, rhythm guitar), Jonathan Sosa (lead guitar), Jorge Fuentes (bass) and Merrill Witham (drums). As I mentioned before I got the pleasure of seeing these guys LIVE at Inkcarceration on the 10th of September 2021 and all I can say is the energy they put off was PURE. From the moment Johnathan Reyes walked out on stage, beer in hand and did a cheers to the crowd the energy was 10 out of 10!

Featured- (Left to Right) Jorge Fuentes (Bass), Johnathan Reyes (vocals), Johnathan Sosa (Guitar)

What I loved about their overall performance was the fact that their music is appropriately heavy and the vocalist has that deep grungy scream as well as being able to transition to clear vocals throughout the performance and he doesn’t leave you guessing what he said. Their guitarist Jonathan Sosa is all about the guitar and you can tell when he gets to a solo and he’s completely in the moment it is almost like the rest of the world disappears for a minute as he’s rocking out. As far as drummers are concerned I am always shocked by just how hard they go during performances. Merrill Witham is no different!

One thing you might notice is that Johnathan Reyes has his hand wrapped up. Why? Because this badass got into a car accident and STILL came to perform because, the show must go on! Pretty metal, am I right? Reminds me of Dave Grohl going up on stage with a broken leg! I think that’s one thing that makes for a loyal fan base, showing commitment and passion.

Although they only played four songs they chose the hardest songs to play. They came out of the gates with “Lost for an End” which is filled with heavy guitar riffs, hardcore drumming and of course plenty of the grunge vocals we all know and crave.

As the show goes on they keep up a good stage presence and keep the crowd going. They even had quite a few mosh pits going throughout their show, and the pits were nothing to be ignored. The music is easy to get moving to (or head bang, duh). Now, if you’re like me lyrics are a huge part of music (some people just like the beats) and when it comes to lyrics Johnathan Reyes writes some piercing ones, especially in the the final song they played titled “Carry On”. My favorite lyric from this song being ” I may fail you, I may fall. I may falter. But I’ll stand tall. I say that is what fuels me to continue. And you know that, I will Carry On”. Talk about motivational!

These guys NEED to be known because I have no doubt they are going to be big someday, I mean come on. I say that it was totally worth it to stay up for 36 hours to see these guys. They are genuine people and the have nothing but love for what they do!

Set List
Salud – intro
1. Lost for an end
2. Bleed for me
3. 720
4. Carry on

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