Falling In Reverse – LIVE From The Unknown part 1 (16/4/2021)

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Ronnie Radke and his band Falling in Reverse have had a place in my musical heart for a while now. Man oh man did it just become more solid! Their show “LIVE from the Unknown part 1″ was unlike anything I’ve seen before, even back in the times when we could go to live shows in person. I’m not surprised though, if Ronnie Radke is involved it’s going to be unique and he prides himself for that. That is one of the many reasons I have followed him for a while now! I personally believe that this guy is an amazing person who doesn’t get enough credit! Okay, okay lets get to the point (I’ll try not to ramble…too much)

It all started off with the spotlight on Ronnie as he sang “The Drug In Me Is Reimagined”. The spotlight on him highlights what seems to be rocky ground that he’s standing on. When the vocals begin to amp up we see the background light up and reveal the rest of the band. We also see the landscape behind them revealing that they’re seemingly on a cliff in the middle of nowhere.

After the first song Ronnie does a brief introduction welcoming us to the show and from there rolls straight into the rock. They started rocking out with their song “I’m Not a Vampire” (the original version).

Prior to this show they offered a pre-show that was hosted on Ronnie‘s Twitch page by his girlfriend Saraya. During the pre-show they played clips of Ronnie‘s Knotfest interview with Ryan Downey. In the interview, Ronnie had talked about how he doesn’t care about how he looks, but only about the music he puts out because “looks fade”. Ronnie was presented with the question that, if he could go back in time and talk to the younger version of himself what would he tell him? His answer was “I wouldn’t change a thing”. I respect that, given his rocky past he completely owns it, uses it as motivation and isn’t someone who pretends to be someone he’s not.

Throughout the performances you can witness a wide range of skill from the guys. It ranged from Tyler Burgess singing back up vocals and slaying the bass, to the badass guitar solos, to the fast paced drumming. I will say that although vocals are never perfect, Ronnie did a fantastic job and proved just how talented he really is. You can see the effort that was put in to make this performance as close to flawless as it could be and I think they aced it! They had no trouble getting the high energy going and making me belt out lyrics along with them. (I’m sure my neighbors loved it. Sorry, not sorry!)

The band had a great stage presence give the fact that they were performing on a ‘cliff’. They moved around the stage and Ronnie made good eye contact with the camera. One thing I have come to enjoy is the way that Ronnie presents himself. He uses his hands a lot to emphasize what he’s singing and even does a jig or two as hes performing. It was such a unique show, throughout the show you can see meteors flying through the sky, Ronnie‘s eye begin to glow, rocks start floating and much more. It was very stimulating! All I know is I NEED to see these guys as soon as they hit the road when live music is going again!

Just before the last set Ronnie does a shout out to Derek Jones who was a former band member and very close friend of Ronnie’s that unfortunately took his own life.

To end the show they played their song “Just Like You” (A personal favorite). This was followed by an explosion that killed the cameras bringing up a “Please Stand By” screen. As a whole the concert was very entertaining. I appreciate the effort put in to make it different from the others and keep in mind, this is only the FIRST of two shows! I look forward to seeing what surprises they have for “LIVE From The Unknown part 2”. They say it’s “Two completely different experiences”! I personally hope to hear their songs “Drugs”, “Popular Monster”, “Losing My Life” and “Losing My Mind”. Okay, maybe that’s a high hope but a song or two from that list would be great!

No matter who you are, or if you love him or hate him, there’s no denying Ronnie Radke is packed full of talent and his creativity and attitude have gotten him very far, with even further to go!

Tickets are still available part two on the Falling in Reverse merchandise website (https://firmerch.com/). Go grab them, watch with me on April 30th and let me know what you think!

Set List:

The Drug In Me Is Reimagined
I’m Not A Vampire (Original)
Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)
Born To Lead
God, If You Are Above
Fuck You and All Your Friends
Situations (from Escape the Fate)
Raised By Wolves
The Drug In Me Is You (Original)
Just Like You

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  1. Hazel Bannister
    Hazel Bannister says:

    I paid for part 2 but was unable to watch because i had no service in the area i was in.
    How can i watch the replay please


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