Falling In Reverse – LIVE From The Unknown Part 2 (30/4/2021)

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Before the part 2 show began Ronnie‘s girlfriend Saraya (otherwise known as Paige in the WWE world) hosted another pre-show stream on Ronnie’s Twitch page, and as always looked super cute doing so! When part 2 begins the screen is lit up with a scene of buildings and neon lights while the Falling In Reverse logo swoops into the background. Seeing this definitely caught my attention and I was instantly hooked while being curious to see what they could possibly come up with this time! I was not disappointed.

As the show began the band members appear to be on top of a building opening with their song “Rolling Stone” and let me just say right off the cusp: Ronnie Radke was ON POINT with his rapping. I guess you could say he’s got “that white boy swagger rappin’ right down to a T“.. (if you know, you know!) Also, that EDM breakdown is always something that’ll have me bopping along every. single. time! I am still in awe of the talent that Ronnie has brought to the rock scene, and this includes combining the rap genre into rock music. I’m not a rap fan myself, but he does this tastefully, in my opinion. Falling In Reverse in going to be around for a long time if they keep making moves like this!

As the band plays and the music amps up we see a a variety of effects ranging from emotes of the Falling In Reverse logo falling from the sky, a helicopter flying behind them shooting the building, embers falling from the sky and even Ronnie‘s inner monster start come out.

There were a few times where I laughed. One of those moments being when Ronnie called out other artists for bashing him and not giving credit where credit is due like the lyric in his song “The Westerner“. The lyrics are “Whoa, I know you’re jealous and you wish you could be me. I’m so smart and clever with my lyrics, can’t you see? There’s nobody better in this music industry. And in case you think you are, go ahead, give me a ring“.

Another comical moment for me was when he called out Robert Ortiz (his previous drummer in Escape The Fate). He pointed at his current drummer and said “You could’ve had this!” while chuckling and saying he was joking before saying “I’m not joking” with a smile on his face. If you’ve watched his Twitch channel before you know that they jokingly go back and forth but remain friendly.

Some of my favorite performances during this show were when they performed “Losing My Life” where much like other performances you can see the emotion and passion Ronnie Radke has for music and performing. But this song just has something special to it that made it stand out to me even more this time. My other favorite points were when they performed the series of songs “Losing My Mind“, “Losing My Life” and “Drugs“. It brings a different type of emotion seeing such powerful songs performed and seeing the emotion and passion the person performing them has. Ronnie puts his ALL into his music and it is an experience to see it live. I hope to see it live from the rail sometime soon!

Last, but certainly not least, they closed with their most recent single “Popular Monster”. Let me just put it out there that this song has been out for about 1.5 years and it’s STILL number 1 on charts as well as it going GOLD in less than a year! Before the show, in a preview of an interview Ronnie did with Ryan J Downey for Knotfest, he talked about how everyone asked how his voice was so low and why it was like that. His answer was that is how he was feeling at the time of recording it, he wasn’t feeling “good”. To me that adds an extra layer of how personal this song is for him and makes it understandable why it became such a big hit!

At the end of the show we begin to see an explosion and a smoke cloud behind the stage set up, as they finish performing “Popular Monster”, the whole stage is set on fire and they go up in flames as it cuts out. Way to go out with a bang, guys!

Overall, Falling In Reverse did an amazing job between the two shows and I can’t forget to shout out to Tyler Burgess for once again doing a fantastic job on the bass and backup vocals (even better than last time). He’s a keeper! The effort and energy put into these shows by everyone was not unseen, they pulled off something that’s never happened before and they did it almost flawlessly. The raw emotion and creativity was insane and entertaining! Saraya offered a shout out to Jensen Noen who has worked with Ronnie on music videos and helped to bring us both of these shows! Everyone involved did absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to see what they put out in the future!

Set list
1. Rolling Stone
2.Chemical Prisoner
3.It’s Over When It’s Over
5. Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche
6. The Westerner
7. Losing My Mind
8. Losing My Life
9. Drugs
10. Popular Monster

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