Moonsorrow (Virgin Oil Co.)

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Second band taking over the stage was modern melodic death metal outfit The Hypothesis (***1/2). They play some really melodic and intricate death infused with some beats and electronic music here and there, giving the overall sound a very up-to-date modern sound. The lights go out, the band comes on stage and starts playing, leaving the mic unmanned. After a short instrumental intro of the first song, frontman Antti Seppälä runs on stage to grab the mic and immediately jump into really typical growling, overflowing with energy. The charismatic vocalist basically takes over the stage with some impressive vocal capabilities, expressiveness, even fist-bumping someone from the crowd along the way. But not only he caught my attention: the tall Markku “Neissu” Ruuskanen was pretty imposing as well and was a very active man for a bassist. And last but not least I have to mention the beast of a drummer (and man) The Hypothesis has backing them up: Rolf Pilve. That guy can friggin’ hit the skins relentlessly like a machine! It’s very clear that he and his bandmates definitely master their instruments. Their heavy and often kind of groovy music brought up the headbanger in me regularly and you could feel the more filled up venue getting excited and riled up. One minor thing though: I know that their guitar work is quite intricate and beautiful, but when they charged into one of those blistering twin solo moments it was hard to pick it up live in the sound mix. But a band to check out and support for sure!

Kylän päässä
Jumalten Aika
Suden tunti
Ihmisen aika

Tuulen koti, aaltojen koti
Aurinko ja kuu

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