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Headliners & some other awesomeness

Join the darkness… but hurry!

Gig Reports

The guys of Shiraz Lane are saying goodbye before they retreat to the studio to record their second album. And what we got was a hard rock and rock ‘n’ roll party that’ll linger for quite awhile…

Machinae Supremacy got the geeks in Finland united for a night! And the party was complete with the addition of violent poppers Blind Channel and “party” metalcore outfit One Morning Left!

The heralds of the gods strike down in Helsinki!

The heralds of the gods strike down in Helsinki!

Release party for “Tyhjyys”!

Release party for “Tyhjyys”!

The Weekend Man was here!

Photo Reports

A night of Finnish hard rock and rock ‘n’ roll with Shiraz Lane and Blue Eyed Sons at Tavastia club… this is how it looked like!

A look at what grim, dark and frostbitten looks like… 2 days of underground and obscure extreme metal at Steelfest Open Air in pictures.


A talk with Joel andd Niko about how they’re planning to take on the world with their “violent pop revolution”. Spoiler: it’s not only with their looks…

Talking about the new album, composing and mini tours!

We talked with guitarist Ville Friman about recording “Winter’s Gate”, touring, branding, beer and science!

Festival Reports

Local talents and bigger names from Finland gather to mosh and dance on punk & hardcore for 2 nights!

Album Reviews

The Finnish demons of the forest are back!


Obscure and underground is what you need.