Wolfheart "floods" us with a second single!

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Tuomas Saukkonen, known as the musical brain behind many impressive Finnish metal bands has been delivering masterpieces for about 20 years now. His latest (and only) project Wolfheart is setting up 2017 for its third release after Winterborn and Shadow World. Tyhjyys will be released on March 3rd through Spinefarm Records and promises us more of his “winter metal” to entice us. Some months ago they already released the blistering first single Boneyard to get us hyped for the new album. And last week they finally released the second single The Flood, bringing us a whole other side of Tuomas and his wolves. The song is showing some of the diversity that will be the album. The video shows magnificent shots of the winter world that is (I presume) Finland during the coldest months of the year, combined with the band playing the track in a studio. Definitely watch the video to the end, cause the last few frames are a hint at the videoclip for the next single…

Last month we had a chat with Tuomas himself, be on the look out on our site soon for our conversation with him, including a bit more background for the upcoming release!