GRIMM’s Videoland (January 29th – February 5th)

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GRIMM Gent aims to please. And we intend to do this by providing you an overview of the new music video releases of the past week. Who knows, maybe you missed something really cool… This reboot will be published every time just at the beginning of the new week, it could possibly give you some tunes to enjoy as a “pick me up” during or after work!
Welcome to Grimm’s Videoland 2.0!

[tabby title=”Nuclear Blast”]

The week started very “heavy rock” at Nuclear Blast with the title track from Black Star Riders‘ third studio album Heavy Fire, out now worldwide.

We also got the second single Fallen Brother from the latest Kreator thrash release Gods of Violence here(read our review ), with a video paying tribute to all the fallen brothers up till now!

For another taste of Suicide Silence‘s different style on their upcoming Suicide Silence, we got a video for Silence. The album is due for February 24th!

Fighting for the throne of thrash metal is Overkill‘s Goddamn Trouble from their album The Grinding Wheel, to be released at the end of this week, be on the look-out for our review!

[tabby title=”Season of Mist”]

For the more extreme metal lovers, there’s always Season of Mist to turn to. They started of the week with a lyric video for Norwegian black metal band Nidingr‘s On Dead Body Shore, from the upcoming album The High Heat Licks Against Heaven due February 10th.

There’s also a piece of progressive metal to be found here with Barishi‘s music video for The Great Ennead, taken from last year released Blood from the Lion’s Mouth.

French post-black metal giants The Great Old Ones throws another track from their last week released EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy with the lyric video for When The Stars Align.

[tabby title=”Black Lion”]

Through Black Lion Records there’s thrash metal from Swedish Defiatory and Reaper from their album Extinct, released last summer!

[tabby title=”Century Media”]

Century Media Records delivers us a heavy dose of hardcore punk with the title track of Binge & Purgatory from Australian Deez Nuts! They’re embarking on a European tour right now and will release their upcoming album on April 7th!

Going more extreme is no issue with French black/death metal band Svart Crown‘s lyric video for Khimba Rites, from the upcoming album Abreaction, due for release on March 3rd.

[tabby title=”AFM”]

Power metal comes this week from Bloodbound‘s Battle in the Sky from upcoming album War of Dragons, due on February 24th, via AFM Records!

The oldies from Sinner deliver some classic heavy metal tunes with Battle Hill from upcoming album Tequila Suicide (March 31st).

[tabby title=”Spinefarm”]

We also got the second single The Flood from Wolfheart‘s upcoming third release Tyhjyys, showing a whole different more doom sound compared to the first single Boneyard. The album is set to be released on March 3rd through Spinefarm Records and is a Finnish “Winter metal” release you won’t want to miss!

[tabby title=”Napalm”]

On Napalm Records, Product of Hate proves with Revolution of Destruction from their album Buried in Violence that they’re ready to take on the world with their groovy death/thrash metal!


That’s all folks! See you next week!