Rage Of Light explore futuristic terrain with electrifying new single ‘The Scent Of Dead Leaves’

Swiss trance metal sensation Rage Of Light catapults listeners into the future with their latest single, ‘The Scent Of Dead Leaves’. The electrifying track follows on the heels of the band’s epic ‘Upriser‘, released last month, and continues to push boundaries in the genre.

The music video, shot and directed by Jonathan Pellet, offers a visually dynamic accompaniment to the single, providing a stark contrast to the visuals of ‘Upriser‘. The song was expertly mixed and mastered by renowned sound engineer Thomas ‘Drop’ Betrisey, known for his work with Samael and Sybreed.

Vocalist Martyna Halas teases fans with a tantalizing question about the new track,

“What if you ran away…? Let’s explore this question with our new music video! Beware, though: the song gets slightly crazy at some point. Fans of electronic music won’t be disappointed!”

Rage Of Light‘s innovation since its inception in 2015 has kept fans on their toes, with a unique blend of death metal and drum & bass. Following a well-received cover of Kate Bush‘s ‘Running Up That Hill’, and their previous single ‘Upriser’, ‘The Scent Of Dead Leaves’ navigates the band’s seamless transitions between genres, maintaining their signature intensity and a fresh, futuristic sound.

The current line-up includes Martyna Halas on vocals, Jonathan Pellet on synthesizers, bass, and additional vocals, and Simon Burri on guitars. As Rage Of Light forges ahead, fans can anticipate more genre-defying tracks to come.

For more information and to stay updated on Rage Of Light‘s upcoming releases, visit the band’s official website.

Rage Of Light is a Swiss trance metal band formed in 2015. Known for their innovative blend of death metal and drum & bass, the band has carved out a unique place in the music landscape. Their powerful sound and genre-defying tracks have resonated with fans around the globe.

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