News Posts

Necrowretch announced their upcoming album ‘Swords of Dajjal’ to be released via Season of Mist, and summons the dead on first single ‘Numidian Knowledge’!

Australian black/death metal force Tanin’iver will unleash their fourth album ‘Dark Evils Desecrate’ early 2024 via Morning Star Heresy! A first single is out with ‘Another World’s Hell’…

Italian black/death metallers Askesis shared the second single ‘Creation of Non-Existence’ from the upcoming debut ‘Beyond the Fate of Death’, set for release next month via Time To Kill Records!

Wratheon has returned, riding back into our consciousness on black winds of fury and a new album ‘Becoming Nil’, set to be released in a couple of weeks via Seek & Strike!

German blackened death metal force Thulcandra shares ‘Blood Of Slaves’ in anticipation of the release of their new album ‘Hail The Abyss’ via Napalm Records next month!

American black/death metal outfit Malefic Throne, with members of bands like Morbid Angel, Origin and Angelcorpse, signed to Agonia Records!

Italian black/death metallers Sirrush released their new album ‘Molon Labe’ yesterday via Non Serviam Records and celebrate with a lyric video for the track ‘A Son Set His Father Free’!

Iberian black/death metal misfits Noctem have officially joined MNRK Heavy to spread their filth throughout the world!

Australian black/death outfit Denouncement Pyre premiered the video single ‘Hung Like Swine’ from the upcoming new album ‘Forever Burning’, to be released via Agonia Records!

German black/death metal outfit Mystic Circle unleashed the 2nd single of their upcoming self-titled comeback album!

Photo Reports

Polish metal icons BEHEMOTH! are roaming through Europe with their ‘Deathless Summer Tour 2023’ and struck down at Substage in Karlsruhe, Germany with the support of Hypocrisy and SpiritWorld. A gorgeous night of some of the best metal the world has to offer right now, and extreme temperatures despite no pyro being used.

On 19 March 2023 US death metal legends Cannibal Corpse were destroying the stage in Stuttgart, on their European Spring Tour 2023. Stormruler, Ingested and Dark Funeral were completing the line-up for a great death & black metal night.

Meshuggah and Zeal & Ardor gave a masterclass in unique extreme metal like only they can at L’Aéronef in France last month!

Hard Rock Fest Avelgem delivered a massive line-up on their Friday with bands that made any black metal adept not want to miss this night…

Album Reviews

Omega Infinity’s sophomore album ‘The Anticurrent’ invites us into deeply cosmic lyrical concepts, bringing intensity and bizarre cosmic themes. Out via Season of Mist.

Seattle’s extreme blackened death metal trio Hissing has aspired for an ideal modus operandi on their sophomore effort ‘Hypervirulence Architecture’ with an experimental approach that comes similar to the likes of Voivod and Portal. Out on Profound Lore Records.

Archgoat perfectly embodies the ancient aesthetic of war metal in their latest four-track EP “All Christianity Ends” which plunges you into the morbid realm of the Luciferian darkness, and was released via Debemur Morti Productions!

Thulcandra’s sonic permutation recaptures the soulful essence that defines the majesty of the Swedish melodic black/death metal.

Lvcifyre continues to forge its hellish crescendo and with ‘The Broken Seal’the songs venture into the depths of the smearing abyss.

On the debut MCD Hell Strike conjures a demonic carnival of aggression, the group seems to be influenced by the likes of Necrophobic, Sadistic Intent, and Mortem.

Suffering Hour’s experimentation with claustrophobic dissonance and harmonies on the latest album is a testimony of the musical prowess.

At this demonic summit of might, Proscription sets forth beyond the stereotypes with ‘Conduit’.

With such grotesque imagination, Ulthar’s songs on ‘Providence’ are spawned by the array of primitive raw black metal and brutal death metal.

Night Crowned’s debut album ‘Impius Viam’ is an extremely fast-paced album with unhinged tempos due to the energetic variations.