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The legendary Finnish band Before The Dawn premiered another brand new single/video with ‘Downhearted’ and announced to be officially back, working on a full new album!

Tuomas Saukkonen teamed up with the Ukrainian pack Wolfanger on a new song in support of the brave Ukrainian people!

Finnish melodeath one-man-project Shade Of Sorrow unleashes another with melancholy drenched track in the form of ‘Meteor’.

Tuomas Saukkonen’s Dawn of Solace unleashed another gloomy track from the upcoming album ‘Flames of Perdition’ with ‘Skyline’!

Dawn of Solace, Tuomas Saukkonen’s doom & gloom project is already back with yet another album ‘Flames of Perdition’, check out the first single ‘White Noise’!

Dawn Of Solace is set to release their third full-length ‘Flames of Perdition’ in November this year via Noble Demon Records!

One man project Shade of Sorrow unleashed a 2nd single with ‘Fabricated Hope’, combining the rawness of nature with beauty of melancholy that is simply ingrained in Finland.

BEFORE THE DAWN unleashed brand new music video and song “The Final Storm”! And “Deadlight” is to be re-released on Stay Heavy Records!

The first single of new Finnish melodeath solo project Shade of Sorrow, produced by Tuomas Saukkonen, is out right now!

Finnish winter metal outfit Wolfheart unleashed a fiery lyric video for the track “Horizon On Fire” from their latest album!

Album Reviews

Dawn of Solace recently released a 4 track acoustic EP ‘Notes of Perdition’ via Nobel Demon Records, which solely focuses on the emotions it’s trying to convey. There’s no extras, nothing unnecessary. While it’s not the most creative record it’s of high quality: raw, simple and yet very emotional.

A beautiful short EP that numbs the pain of waiting for Wolfheart’s sixth full-length album.

Tuomas Saukkonen’s Wolfheart brings the epic, desperate and dark tale of the Finnish Winter War to life with its signature “Winter metal” sound.

Winter Metal from the heart of Finland!


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