Releases to look forward to… February 2017

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Every year and every month there is loads of rock, industrial and metal that is getting released. Just in case you’d be missing a good one, we’ll be trying to keep you on track by selecting a bunch of releases to remind you of every month! Warning: the dates of release might change still, so if the album doesn’t get released that day after all… don’t shoot the messenger!

On February 3rd, progressive metal super group Soen is releasing their third album Lykaia through Spinefarm Records, delivering progressive music any Tool fan will love! If that’s not hard enough for you, crossover thrasher/hardcore punker deviants of Iron Reagan will show you what’s wrong in this world with Crossover Ministry on Relapse Records. Still not heavy enough? Nailed To Obscurity cranks up the death/doom metal on full release number 3 King Delusion, released through Apostasy Records! Also for the rock lovers there is something interesting to be found on this day with Swedish hard rock band Horisont and their release of About Time on Century Media Records.

February 10th is a day many thrash metal fans have been looking forward to: the new release by Canadian Overkill, The Grinding Wheel through Nuclear Blast Records! If you’re more into death metal related releases, turn your ears to the melodic death of Once Human and their beautiful yet ferocious front woman Lauren Hart! On this day they release Evolution through earMUSIC/eONE Music. Doesn’t feel like it has enough weight to it? Then it is the time to shine for Finnish melodic death metal band Mors Principium Est with the release of Embers of a Dying World on AFM Records!

Sticking to Finland: masters of industrial metal (or as they say in Suomi: Disko Metal) Turmion Kätilöt are set to release yet another dance inducing riff fest bearing the name Dance Panique! On a more serious note: this day brings us also Blackfield V, album number 5 of Blackfield. The art rock/progressive rock project from Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and Aviv Geffen will be a feast for mind and ears! This is all too bright and happy for you? Don’t worry, ’cause Wiegedood is here… the Belgian black metal act will release the follow-up for their highly acclaimed De Doden Hebben Het Goed through Consouling Sounds. An album that’ll take you to the grimmest and darkest places on this godforsaken world…

February 14… Valentine’s Day… a day loved by many and despised by many. I don’t know if it’s on purpose, but the infamous and controversial Marilyn Manson is releasing a new album on this day. The working title was SAY10 and for now it seems like he’s sticking to that. If we may believe Manson‘s words the music is going to be heavier and darker than the past few releases. He found a mix of the best elements we loved from his most famous albums Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals.

February 17 calls in the heavy metal weights with the new release of Finnish female fronted Battle Beast, called Bringer of Pain and to be released via Nuclear Blast! Also female fronted Crystal Viper raises the heavy metal flag high with Queen of the Witches, a release through AFM Records. For a more calmer, intimate and progressive take on music we can turn to Tim Bowness with Lost in the Ghost Light, released through InsideOut Music. This month we haven’t forgotten our goth and industrial community which will be delighted by following 2 releases: futurepop/darkwave outfit BlutEngel releases Leitbild and the more industrial/ebm/darkwave Massive Ego brings Beautiful Suicide, both through Out of Line Music.

February 20th will mark the day that our very own Belgian Marche Funèbre releases their new record Into The Arms Of Darkness to unleash some inspiring doom metal to brighten up your day!

We end the month strong on February 24 with a whole bunch of releases! On the more festive and funny side we find the sexy motherfuckers of Steel Panther releasing Lower the Bar and the crazy Norwegian Trollfest bringing Helluva through Napalm Records. Sanctuary brings high quality heavy/power metal on a neat little EP called Inception via Century Media, so does Swedish Bloodbound with War of Dragons through AFM Records!

Turning up the extreme we can turn our heads to 5 extreme metal releases that will hit the shelves today, with all their special sound. The Roman warriors of Ex Deo go to The Immortal Wars with us, old school death metal band Immolation album number 10, Atonement. Benighted cranks up the brutality on Necrobreed via Season Of Mist, while Six Feet Under adds the groove to death metal on Torment via Metal Blade Records. Lastly, but definitely not least, we find the eponymous release of Suicide Silence which marks somewhat of a departure from their traditional deathcore sound…

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