Steelfest tickets are going fast!

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On May 19th and 20th Steelfest Open Air 2017 will take place in Hyvinkää, Finland. For any fan of extreme and obscure metal, this is really the place to be! Every year you can get to enjoy some of the best death and black metal artists this world has to offer. A nice little extra is that the city it takes place is only about 30-40 min away from the airport and is a stronghold of Finnish black metal, seeing that many black metal originated in Hyvinkää… The list of about 25 bands is a truly impressive one and should attract many fans from all over the world.

And clearly you shouldn’t wait too long anymore to get your tickets, cause last weekend they announced on their Facebook page that at the moment they only have a bit under 90 combo tickets (2 days of festival + accommodation) left! For 2-day tickets or aforementioned combo tickets go here, see you there to unleash the beast from within…