Line-up Into the Grave 2018 is complete with At The Gates, Children of Bodom, Dust Bolt and Toxic Shock!

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The metalfestival in Leeuwarden, Into the Grave, announces the last four names for the 2018 edition. At The Gates, Children Of Bodom, Dust Bolt and Toxic Shock are added to the present line-up. Besides, the day schedule is released and the day tickets are up for sale. Information and tickets are to be found on

The Finnish band Children of Bodom doesn’t really need an introduction. The band, under the leadership of guitarist Alexi Laiho, has released a couple of albums that should be in the (digital) record collection of every metal fan, of which Follow the Reaper (2000) and Hate Crew Deathroll (2003). Their most recent album, I Worship Chaos, is from 2015 and has a classic COB sound but also sounds heavier than ever before. This year Children of Bodom is releasing a new album, that undoubtedly will sound heavy again.

The Swedish death metal band At The Gates is known as one of the godfathers of the ‘Gothenburg death metal sound’. With the album Slaughter Of The Soul (1995) the band got a legendary status and the quintet managed to immortalize themselves in metal history. After a hiatus of over ten years between 1996 and 2007 At The Gates returned to the stage and released At War With Reality (2014). With this record the musicians prove to be still at the absolute top. At the moment the band is working on a follow-up, of which most likely material will pass by at Into the Grave 2018.

Also the Dutch thrash/hardcore crossover band Toxic Shock and the German thrash metal band Dust Bolt are added to the line-up of the festival.

Day schedules and tickets

Into the Grave takes place on Friday August 10th and Saturday August 11th. The schedule is as following:

Friday August 10th Saturday August 11th
Gojira Behemoth
Delain Children of Bodom
Metal Allegiance At The Gates
Orden Ogan Paradise Lost
Toxic Holocaust Suicidal Tendencies
Toxic Shock Dying Fetus
Dust Bolt

Day tickets and weekend tickets are now for sale. A weekend ticket costs 55 euros excluding 3,50 euros service costs. A ticket for the Friday costs 30 euros excluding 3,50 euros service costs and a ticket for the Saturday costs 40 euros excluding 3,50 euros service costs. Tickets for the festival you can find here!

Accommodation possibilities

During Into The Grave 2018 it’s again possible to set up camp next to the formal city cemetery in the Rengers park. A ticket for the camping costs €15 p.p. and a camper ticket costs €25 per vehicle. Take notice, if you come with a camper, you also have to be in possession of a camping ticket. So if you come with 2 people and a camper, then you buy two camping tickets and one camper ticket. The opening times of the camping start on Friday August 10th at 12h00 and end on Sunday August 12th at 14h00. Tickets for the camping you buy here!

You can walk in 15 minutes from the camping to the festival terrain. There’s a very limited amount of space for campers and caravans, so full = full! There are of course toilets and showers on the camping.

Into The Grave arrangement

You don’t really like camping and you want to sleep under the same roof as the bands that are playing at Into The Grave? The four star hotel WTC Westcord is again offering a special Into The Grave arrangement for €59,50 p.p.p.n. during the festival weekend, with late check-out. You reserve a room through this link.