The Devil Makes Three (De Casino, Sint Niklaas) – 01/06/2023

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Our site is dedicated to everything rock and metal with a few sidesteps in music that appeals to the same music fans like synthwave, neo (pagan) folk, industrial,… But some of us do have a taste for music and art that goes beyond these limitations. Enter “GRIMM goes rogue”: where you’ll get a metalhead, punker, rocker,… who ventures into realms beyond their usual habitat with an open mind and give their honest opinion, views and experiences.

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open."

Frank Zappa

As some of you may know, once in a while the Fates take me on a path far from the well trodden iron clad cobblestones of metal.  This night was one of those nights. As a poor wayfaring stranger, I traded my patched denim for a Stetson hat and headed down to the Dodge City of Flanders, otherwise known as Sint-Niklaas. There, I hitched my trusted steed to the local saloon, monikered De Casino, which judging by its name must for sure be a cesspool for all sorts of scum and villainy.

The Bones of J.R. Jones

First through the door came ‘a rattling The Bones of J.R. Jones. The saloon was already starting to fill up quite nicely. Not easy to capture an audience when you’re just a poor lonesome cowboy on stage, but New York-born Jonathan Linaberry does it with verve and passion. Singing, drumming and strumming his ol’ six string all by his lone self. He works through his blues rock fueled desert anthems before a very appreciative audience, even adding in some new work from his upcoming album for the fall, like the song ‘Animals’. With a clap and hum along gospel song that sweeps up the whole floor, he ends this very nice opening act.

The Devil Makes Three

The Casino is packed to the brim today. It’s fully sold out and that is of course all due to the main act, The Devil Makes Three, the threesome from Santa Cruz. On tour for the first time again since the pandemic, Peter Bernhard, Cooper McBean and Lucia Torino are as eager for this gig as the rowdy audience. In familiar fashion, they kick it off with ‘The Bullet’ from their self-titled debut. The crowd completely eats it all up, cheering and singing along. You just can’t keep your feet still as the songs steam along like an old locomotive. The three of them are not one-trick ponies, trying their hand at different flavours withing the genre, even tossing in some gospel tunes like ‘Hallelu’ or ’There Be a Jubilee’ or a cover from the godfather of blues Robert Johnson in a not so bluesy, but riled up version of ‘Drunken Hearted Man’. They also add in some live favourites like ‘Paint My Face’  or that love song to whiskey, ‘Old number Seven’. There’s some kind of magic on this interplay between the guitar double bass and the banjo that makes this music timeless.

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