Aephanemer (On The Rocks, Helsinki) – 25/04/2023

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Aephanemer is a French symphonic/melodic death metal band that has been living somewhat under my radar until just recently. Much to my surprise, because a lot of their pretty epic compositions is exactly the kind of music that appeals to me greatly. So I was all too happy to see them appear on the event schedule of On The Rocks in Helsinki, and didn’t want to miss out on experiencing this live! Add to that the modern extreme prog act Numento for the Finnish stop on Aephanemer‘s tour, and the night promised to be a pretty epic one!


We arrived just in time to see Numento ripping up the stage to warm up an already quite filled up venue. It’s good to see so many people showed up this early to support a promising local band that is opening the night! Up to this point, we’ve somehow missed out on seeing this band live, and were all too happy to have this changed. With vocalist Katri last year having stepped away from her spot at Keoma to focus on Numento, they’ve really cranked it up into another gear and released a really impressive second full-length album with ‘The Vile Entity‘ at the end of last year. And the often rather intricate music really came alive on stage through the passionate performance by every single member of this band. And the at times rather experimental soundscapes they put together are at the same time familiar sounding and unique, especially when Katri brings out the kantele during one of the songs. Numento is a band that is going to go places, you can count on that, and going on the reaction of the crowd, we’re not the only ones thinking this!


Like we already mentioned, Aephanemer is one of those bands of whom I picked up on a couple of exciting songs before, but never really gave the proper amount of attention. Clearly not the right attention they deserved after seeing this show! As soon as these Frenchies came on stage, the whole packed venue exploded with energy and simply blew the roof off. Their setlist was a nice mix of songs from all 3 of their full-length albums, clearly much to the delight of the fans of all ages, who were ripping up the place. The entire band was having heaps of fun playing in front of such a wild crowd, and especially vocalist/guitarist Marion shined almost brighter than the sun interacting with their fans! Massive tracks like ‘Unstoppable‘ or ‘Bloodline‘ were a blessing to get to hear live in its full glory, and even a relatively short intermezzo where drummer Mickaël had to replace the skin on one of his drums couldn’t spoil the fun. A band that really deserves all the attention it can get, and will appeal to fans of bands like Insomnium, Be’lakor, Wintersun, or even Ensiferum with the slight folky touch in many of the songs.


The Sovereign
Le radeau de la Méduse
Dissonance Within
Path of the Wolf
Back Again
Memento Mori
If I Should Die

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