Interview Sentre

GRIMM: Do you guys know something about the other members? Kristof, I know you played in Spoil Engine but has Nick played in other bands or is he still playing in other bands?

Nick: No, Sentre is now the only band that I’m playing in. I have played in a band called Murder And Pieces, a heavy/thrash metal band. We even played on Dokkem Open Air, a festival in the Netherlands. But it didn’t last very long. We played for 2 years . Not as big as Spoil Engine.

Kristof: I think Dries has played in TAP and Craven, some local bands. I think I never saw Dries live. I knew him but I never saw him play live. Maybe a nice anecdote on how I joined the band. After I quit Spoil Engine I had a new job. On my first day I had to go get my laptop. And who sat there at the IT desk? Dries. He said: ‘Cool, we are looking for a new bass player.’ It was what I needed at that moment. A very open minded atmosphere where it was only about the music not the fame or anything, just the music. Room to try something new and I couldn’t do that anymore with Spoil Engine. I know I could do my own thing. That was nice, so that’s how I joined Sentre.

GRIMM: I heard that the main reason you left Spoil Engine was because you weren’t happy with the musical style they we’re going?

Kristof: That is correct.

GRIMM: With this Corona pandemic it’s very hard to get together to write new music. Can you write music on your own or do you need each other to write new songs. Or does someone write the music and someone else writes the lyrics?

Nick: Dries is the one who writes the riffs for Sentre. Through video chat we talk about what we think about it and the other members are doing their thing with the riffs they get from Dries. So he does not write a whole song: he comes with a riff or a little piece and the other members do their thing. I am the last one to finish a certain song.

GRIMM: Do you write your own songs?

Nick: Yes

Kristof: Nowadays we’re writing music like if we are in preproduction. We have a shared file and when someone has an idea, they record it, then they send it to that file. We discuss about it and if we like it, then we work at it. I’m not a riff master, I’m more the man of the structures, the change in tempo. More the details of a song. So that’s how we work, we record things and send it to each other to work around it. If we have another idea about a certain structure in a song, then we change it and we send it again until we reach the point that the song is finished and we all can say: yes, this is it.

GRIMM: Are there plans for a new album or a new EP?

Nick: The plans were to release a full length but due to the pandemic that was not possible. Maybe we are going to record the songs but we have to see that there is sufficient time between the two releases. We are now working on new songs to really release a full length, not an EP.

Kristof: We have now 8 songs that are finished and we recorded 4 of them for the EP. There are some longer numbers like we have on the EP, so we can play live with the numbers we have already. We can easily play a set of 45 minutes. If we add 3 more songs, then we already have a full length. However, the story has to be right. A band evolves all the time and if too much times passes in between, then you will hear the difference between the older songs and the new songs, but we will release a full length. We wanted to do a CD-release for the new EP but due to Corona we couldn’t do that anymore. We are working on new songs, so we can record them by the end of this year and then do the release at the beginning of 2021. That is the thing about the band. We are giving ourselves a deadline, but the music gets the priority. So if we are not satisfied, this release could be postponed . If we need to postpone it for a few months, then so be it. The musical aspect gets the priority.

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