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On May 14th Defiatory released their second full-length album “Hades Rising”. When their sophomore album came out we did a review on it, which can be read here. The Swedish thrash metal band agreed to have a little chat with us. We talked about their influences, the creative process of writing an album and more! 

Hi guys, how are you doing? Congratulations on the new record!
Hi and thanks a lot!

For people that are not familiar with your band, how would you describe or introduce yourself?
We are an awesome thrash metal band from the northern part of sweden, focusing on bringing back the sound of the East Bay Area thrash metal.

‘Hades Rising’ has been out for about a while now, how has the response been?
Overwhelmingly good, a lot of great reviews and praises from all over.

Would you say you did anything differently this time than with your previous album ‘Extinct’?
Yes, this album was written as more of a collaberation between all band members where as Extinct was mainly done by Ronnie and Martin alone.

What’s the process of creating an album like for you, lyrics first or music first?
Music first definitely, during music recording, the concept of the lyrics take form while the actual lyrics are put down last.

When you were writing ‘Hades Rising’, where did you get your inspiration from?
The East Bay Area thrash and melodic thrash in general, like Exodus, Slayer, Testament, Metallica, Megadeth, Kreator etc.

You are inspired by the Bay Area thrash, right? What bands would you say are the most influential for you?
Pretty much a repetition of the previous answer, to be honest. On top we can throw some death and black metal bands into the mix. Bands like Morbid Angel, Dissection and others have also influenced the way we write riffs and lyrics.

How do you use the influences from these bands in your own music?
We don’t try to copy, nor do we have the intention of sounding exactly like any of them. We want people to be able to identity the sound of Defiatory, but we are definitely inspired by those bands and I’m sure you will be able to hear that as well.

On your website it says that after a week Martin and Ronnie created the first demo. How did that happen so rapidly?
A lot of beer and willpower. Ronnie and Martin have worked a lot in the past so it goes very smoothly. Also, Ronnie had a clear picture in his head where he wanted to steer the band when he decided to start it up.

After the demo the line-up was completed, right? How did you guys find each other?
Through previous bands, internet and tinder.

You guys sound like you have been playing together forever. Does it also feel that way?
Yes. Even though the five of us haven’t all played together before the forming of Defiatory, some of us have played together in previous bands and projects. This helps a lot, but even with that in mind, we are pretty amazed that it all comes together so easily.

I read that there is a tour coming to support the album. Where and when are you guys touring?
There are no specific dates booked at this time, but we have just signed up with Dreamtide Music Management & Agency and hope to get some tour dates locked down in the near future.

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?
Stop reading and go listen to our new album!

Thank you for your time!