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GRIMM & Chill: Extreme Nation

A DIY documentary about the underground metal scene of the Indian subcontinent, raw and pure, that's what you get with 'Extreme Nation'.


Thrashers Defiatory did a pretty good job on their latest release Hades Rising, so we had to ask some things. We had a little chat about influences, the band itself and...

Soul Dissolution – Stardust

Listen to "Stardust" and drift away in the Soul Dissolution's atmospheric sound

King Satan announces European tour for april 2018

"Fuck the rest, King Satan is the best!" Finnish industrial band is bringing the sex magick and rock 'n' roll to mainland Europe!

Zornheym – Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns

Zornheym delivers an impressive piece of symphonic extreme metal with an overall concept that'll please anyone that looks for just that little extra. Strap in (your...

Blood of Angels

I managed to catch up with the guys from Blood of Angels to talk about their EP, their vision and the general direction the band is going in.

Corpsehammer – Posesión

6 tracks of total fucking death!

Temple of Demigod – The Great Old Ones

The Lovecraftian deities are here... doom and chaos guaranteed!