Jay Ray announces collab with Poets of the Fall!


Finnish vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jay Ray announces a new collaboration what is -in his words- a dream come true. After a long road during which he shared on regular occasions his songs with his all-time favorite and one of the biggest rock bands of Finland, Poets of the Fall, they agreed to collaborate on a song when Jay Ray brought up the idea. This summer will bring the release of Jay Ray‘s new single Striven, featuring Poet of the Fall‘s vocalist Marko Saaresto. In the video below you can hear snippets already of that song in which Marko‘s deep voice (the best male singing voice in Finland in Jay Ray‘s personal opinion) proves to be a perfect match with Jay Ray‘s voice, with a tone reminiscent of Chester Bennington (Linkin Park).

Jay Ray couldn’t stress enough to us that it’s a huge honor for him that Marko was willing to work with him since this is the first time in almost a decade that he’ll be featured in another artist’s song again. Poets of the Fall has been extremely popular in Finland (and beyond) with many radio hits and even music featured in games like Max Payne 2 and Alan Wake. The past few years they’ve been selling out arenas all over Europe and even India among many other countries.

All of this is happening before Jay Ray‘s actual debut album is being released on September 23rd of this year. He has been working as a solo artist since 2012 and convinced people step by step by through his high-quality music. Gaining much respect by music fans for his electronic rock and metal tracks featuring original work and impressive remixes and vocal covers of existing songs from artists like Linkin Park, Serj Tankian and others, he has gathered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and almost 4 million Spotify plays.

His open attitude towards his fans, the DIY-mentality and artistic integrity is a most refreshing thing in today’s often anti-social and profit-centered music business. This is -besides his obvious talent to make damn good and catchy music- why we want to support Jay Ray, to hopefully bring him to speakers all over the world. So check out his Facebook page, YouTube and Spotify channel to get a taste of his music and keep September 23rd highlighted in your agenda for his debut release! We’ll be back with you with more about his work soon..

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