Glenn’s Albums Of The Year 2022

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It's that time of the year again. The beginning of a new year namely 2023. But before we can get started with all the new stuff that is already coming our way, we have to look back at what 2022 had to offer. I'm gonna take you on a trip of my top 10 of the year 2022. Enjoy.

1. Lorna Shore - Pain Remains

It was an intense battle for the first place of 2022 between ‘Pain Remains’ from Lorna Shore and ‘King Of The North’ from Wolfheart. The reason Lorna Shore got the first place is because of their intensity and brutality. This is the first album with new frontman Will Ramos who has been a hype because of the reach of his voice. Their fourth album is in my opinion the best album they ever released, touring all over the world in 2022. Have seen them 3 times in 2 months time, and they give the best they could so a well deserved first place for Lorna Shore.

2. Wolfheart - King Of The North

Wolfheart is here again with album number 6, a high quality album with more melancholic tunes than their previous album ‘Wolves Of Karelia’ but what is fascinating is the work ethic of Tuomas Saukkonen. In 2020, he released 2 albums namely ‘Wolves Of Karelia’ with Wolfheart and ‘Waves’ with his other project Dawn Of Solace. One year later in 2021 he released the EP ‘Skull Soldiers’ with Wolfheart and his old band Before The Dawn reformed, and they already released 2 singles and yet again in 2022 he released yet again 2 albums. ‘Flames Of Perdition’ with Dawn Of Solace and of course ‘King Of The North’ with Wolfheart. And every time a high quality album. They never disappoint, so this second place goes to ‘King Of The North’ and I’m already looking forward to what he will do now. To be continued.

3. Fit For An Autopsy - Oh what The Future Holds

Somewhere at the beginning of 2022 came this new thing from Fit For An Autopsy. And it was already something different from their previous output that was a very brutal piece of work. And now still brutal but more mature and very technical and a big Gojira vibe. I was blown away by this piece of art, so it comes at no surprise that they end up in my top 10 of 2022.

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4. Monuments - In Stasis

I never followed Monuments very closely. I know who they were but never listened to them and I still regret it to this day. A friend of my said hey did you hear the new album of Monuments because it really is a piece of art. And I gave it a go and wow. Never knew what of a great band Monuments have become, and I listened to all of their albums in a row which turned me into a fan. ‘In Stasis’ was so great, brutal at times, a very djent feeling but most of all, people who know what the hell they’re doing so a nice fourth place for this Monuments.

5. Rammstein - Zeit

I have always been a big fan of Rammstein. And it will always be Rammstein, but while I have to try to be objective, I think that Rammstein really deserves this place. Are they’re doing something else than their previous album ‘Deutschland’? No, but do they have to ? It really is a great album, catchy at times but also a lot of soft songs that hit you at a certain point. But also Rammstein being Rammstein as example their song ‘Dicke Titten’. So I think everyone will have something with this new album, and I’m already looking forward to their concerts next summer. See you there.

6. SepticFlesh - Modern Primitive

I followed these guys since their album ‘Communion’ from 2008, and since then every release they made was bigger and better than their previous one. And now it’s the same thing with ‘Modern Primitive’. You can hear that Septic Flesh has found their place and found their sound and yet again a step forward with ‘Modern Primitive’ so keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to seeing this live.

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7. Shinedown - Planet Zero

Always loved these guys. With every album they release, they’re getting better but if you look back they never released a bad one. It’s catchy and after one listen you can sing along to a couple of songs already. And since a couple of years they also found their way to Belgium. They were a big thing in The Netherlands already, but finally they are also a big thing in Belgium with a spot on the Graspop Metal Meeting line-up after 2 years of COVID. So a big shout-out to Shinedown.

8. Behemoth - Opvs Contra Natvram

4 years after ‘I Loved You At Your Darkest’, out of the blue came this new album out from the mighty Behemoth. I have to be honest I didn’t know of it, I just saw it passing by, and I had something like, “What?, When?” So I had to listen to it right away, and it was intense, heavy, and satanic. Just the things you expect from the mighty Behemoth. And I had a blast listening to it. And I was happy because it was there at the right time for me so a very deserved place in my top 10

9. Caliban - Dystopia

The Germans of Caliban are back and going back to their roots. Because ‘Dystopia’ is a really dark one, and they needed to create this. They need it to go back to where it all began so what can we say more than you have to check this out cause this is the new and improved Caliban.

10. Dawn Of Solace - Flames Of Perdition

Yeah, we already had this talk and he is back: Tuomas Saukkonen. This is what I mean with “he makes quality every time”. His album from Wolfheart has a second place and his Dawn Of Solace a tenth so we can say that this was the year of Tuomas and I know for fact that next year he will be back and I think he already has an album ready right know. Looking forward to it.

2022 was a great year. It was a year of the big freedom cause there were no restrictions anymore, but musically it was also a big year. Many release, many very good releases, and it was a battle for a place in my top 10, but I made it. We can close this year and already looking forward to 2023.

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