Charlotte Wessels’ Tales from six feet under live in concert Dutch club tour (Mezz, Breda) – 27/05/2023

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During the pandemic, Charlotte Wessels decided to lock herself in her home studio and write 1 new song a month. Her home studio is located in the basement and was therefore named ‘Six feet under’. As a result, she now has 2 new albums: ‘Tales from six feet under’ vol I & II.
It is a collection of songs that have nothing to do with each other. With those 2 CDs, she has now done some club shows in Holland. We all know Charlotte as the former frontwoman of Delain, and we immediately get what is familiar to us and what we came here for: her unique voice! The music we get to hear certainly does not disappoint, but those who came for metal are left hungry. We do get to hear some metal now and then, but the whole thing consists mainly of a very diverse palette of genres, more in the direction of pop music than metal.

Guest appearances were made by Elianne Anemaat (Cello), Zora Cock (lead singer of Blackbriar who did the support act, with whom she performed the song ‘Mary on a Cross’ (Ghost cover)) and surprisingly, George Oosthoek also dropped in to grunt on the song ‘Toxic’. Surprising because this was never shown at the other gigs of this tour: George himself was here as an audience guest, but Charlotte had asked him if he didn’t want to do that, which of course, as a good friend, he couldn’t refuse. They have worked together with Delain so many times in the past.

As a finale to the series of Dutch club shows, Charlotte was somewhat emotional when she received a standing ovation at the end of this one-and-a-half-hour performance.

Support act: Blackbriar.

Setlist Charlotte Wessels:

Ouverture, Human to Ruin, Superhuman, Afkicken, The Phantom Touch, Venus Rising, Source of the Flame, Cry Little Sister, Good Dog, Toxic, Mary on a Cross, I Forget, Victor, A Milion Lives, F.S.U. (2020), Combustion, The Final Roadtrip, Soft Revolution, Agains All Odds

Encore: All You Are.

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