Godsmack (Coral Sky Amphi theater, Tampa, FL) – 1/10/2019

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Monster Truck had the privilege of being the opener to remarkable night of good quality rock music. To be honest anyone of the three bands had enough clout to be a headliner. Monster Truck‘s sound could be comparable to early Metallica with their heavy guitar riffs and flowing vocals. I couldn’t think of a better way to start the show off with than Monster Truck. They fit the bill so well.  Each band flowed into the next perfectly.

Halestorm brought with them a commanding presence that showed they came to play. And they put on one hell of a show. Lizzy Hale “lead vocal’s/guitar” wore a tight sexy leather outfit and high heals that fit her perfectly and her ability on the guitar gave a sound that made everyone in the crowd stand to attention. She moved seamlessly around the stage, even at one point crawling down an extension of the stage on all fours. Arejay performed an amazing drum solo, throwing his drum sticks several feet into the air without missing a beat. 

Now came the moment everyone was waiting for, it was now time for Godsmack to come out and put in work. Sully Erna may be small in stature but as a figure is bigger than life. Godsmack has an undeniable distinct sound that cannot be replicated. As soon as you started hearing that opening drum line from “When Legends Rise” there was no mistaking you were in for an amazing performance. Sully was positioned front and center on the bottleneck of the stage. Before too long, about three songs in, you could hear the most distinct sound everyone always looks for at a Godsmack show, it was the opening beat to “Voodoo”. No matter what band you looked forward to hearing, you got to see and hear three amazing performances by a fantastic lineup.

See the photos from the show right here:

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