Static-X “Wisconsin Death Trip 20th Anniversary Tour” (The Orpheum, Tampa, FL) – 16/11/2019

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Starting off the Saturday November 16th’s night of insanely great music was Raven Black. The theatrical, very entertaining and extremely talented lead vocals of Raven really brought the show to a great quality. Every song had a new object brought on stage to use as she felt fit. Overall, they are an amazing talent and perfect opener for the night.

Following Raven Black came out Wednesday 13 and the brought the entertainment to the next level. Dressing in neon glowing paint covering most of Wednesdays 13‘s entire body. Dawning a few intrinsic masks throughout the show while dancing on stage. It truly flowed with the music.

Then Dope came out and played a somewhat emotional show. Lead singer Edsel grew up not far from the venue and Dope is also celebrating their 20th anniversary. It was an amazing show which represented how they have been able to keep their careers on the rise since their inception.

Finally Static-X hit the stage completely taking over the entire crowd. Attention was commanded as they broke into the beautiful melodies we always remember Static-X having. The look Xer0 brought to the stage fit in perfectly with the essence Static-X was made from and almost made us forget that Wayne is not anymore among the living. Definitely a show that should be marked on anyone’s calendar as a must go whenever they come anywhere close to where you live.

Check out the pics of that night right here:

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