Hatari (Nosturi, Helsinki) – 20/9/2019

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Every year, Eurovision stands for crappy and plastic-looking music and an event where countries from all over Europe (and Israel and Australia) suddenly seem BFF’s until the voting starts. Usually there is also every year some act that is a bit different and that can actually sooth the more alternative person if they’re stuck watching that show.

This year Iceland send quite the headturner for many people watching. The industrial outfit Hatari brought a harsh and extreme performance with a strong bondage vibe woven through it. On top of that, they rebelled by waving the Palestine flag when the camera focused on them, while that was expressively forbidden since the host was Israel. Shock induced on many levels and we loved them for it. So when they came to play a sold out show in the legendary Nosturi in Helsinki, there was no hesitation that we had to catch that show…

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