Hexa Mera album release party (Nijdrop, Opwijk) - 18/03/2023

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When a good friend band like Hexa Mera invites you to attend the release party of their new album (Methuselarity) to report it, you can only be honoured and accept the offer! (And be happy about it too!) A new album that has been worked hard on deserves an equal release party! To that end, Hexa Mera invited 3 friendly bands to assist them and warm up the audience to the max for their show! What immediately stands out is that the new album has the same familiar Hexa Mera sound that we look-expect-find with them! The new album certainly did not disappoint our reporter Annet when reviewing it,(https://www.grimmgent.com/albumreviews/hexa-mera-methuselarity-part-1/), and for us, live, it was already at least as good! If you haven’t heard it yet, you should definitely give it a listen as soon as possible!

Support acts were Royal Jake, Xeno and Destroy Humanity.

Setlist Hexa Mera:

Schizophobic, Divide & Impera, Inhuman, Anthropic Principle, Mauersturm, Crownless, Lilith, Goliath, Dare to Know, Mnemosyne, Consecration, Human Entropy

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