9 Years GRIMM anniversary week: Hexa Mera (Asgaard, Gentbrugge, BE) – 07/05/2022

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As a closer for the 9 years GRIMM birthday week, none other than Hexa Mera was back on our stage!

A welcome guest, certainly not the first time in Asgaard, but for sure the first time in the new Asgaard in Gentbrugge! Just like all the other bands we received this week, they were also happy to be able to perform live again and you could feel that in all the energy they emitted (not that we expected anything else from them)! Preceded by warm-up band Hunter, they gave the best of themselves during a successful closing of our anniversary special.

Afterwards, the party continued with a (metal) karaoke where (among others) Yannick (singer of Hexa Mera) was once again unstoppable on the stage! It has been a great week with a great closing and accompanying after party until the early hours!

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