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Belgian modern melodeath outfit Hexa Mera used their time in lock-down well and have put together a new track and video called ‘Consecration’!

Hexa Mera unleashes one of their more intense new songs on the world with a just as intense video!

Photo Reports

Hexa Mera

Hexa Mera invited us to attend and report on the release party of their new album ‘Methuselarity – Part 1’, which we were all too happy to accept! And with them they brought their friends of Royal Jake, Xeno and Destroy Humanity, making it one hell of a night with Belgian metal!

Hexa Mera

9Y Grimm Anniversary series with Hexa Mera and Hunter on our stage in Asgaard and a metal karaoke after party!

Album Reviews

On Hexa Mera’s new album ‘Methuselarity Part 1’, the music is solid and strong, carried on a bed of melodies, and is honestly beautiful to listen to. The album comes out this Saturday March 18 and the band will be doing a release show in Nijdorp, Opwijk on the same day! Be sure to check them out and hear this solid piece of music being played live for the first time.

Pick Your Poison

A nice Belgian beer for an awesome cause, that’s what the ‘Devils Beer’ is all about!

Festival Reports

It’s oh so quiet, it’s oh so hot…! This year’s edition was one of heat, historical events and many records!