HEXA MERA unleashed a video for the new song ‘Consecration’

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Belgian modern melodic death metal band HEXA MERA have unleashed a video for the song ‘Consecration’. The first concept of the song was composed by Jan Huygens during the covid-lockdown. All band members contributed and added their touch to build the song to its final form. Everything was recorded at Empyrean studio and home studios. Mixed by Vassili Golfidis and mastered by Vassili Golfidis and Mathias Vergaelen. The video was created by Niels Van Roy and Killian De Sitter.

The band has the following to say about ‘Consecration’:

“The pandemic prevented us from doing what we love the most: Letting everything out and playing music together. We didn’t want to wait it out during the lockdown so we wrote and worked hard on this song. It’s about the challenges our kind has to overcome. Most humans act like they are gods: taking advantage of and changing the world without thinking of any consequences. But this covid-pandemic exposed our vulnerability. We can only survive if we stand together, with devotion and consecration.”

Vocals – Yannick Schmit
Drums – Pierre Baudez
Bass – Niels Van Roy
Guitar – Mathias Vergaelen
Guitar – Jan Huygens
Sound – Vassili Golfidis

HEXA MERA online:

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